ALIEN: COVENANT – Rated R – 2 hrs. 2 mins.

ALien Covenant

ALIEN: COVENANT – Rated R – 2 hrs. 2 mins. 

Starring James Franco, Michael Fassbender, Katherine Waterston, Billy Crudup, Danny McBride, Damien Bichir, Carmen Ejogo, Jessie Smollott, Callie Hernandez and Amy Seimetz 

From the Director who brought us the original ALIEN invasion & this films predecessor PROMETHIUS ~ Ridley Scott ~ comes a new crew, a new planet, and an ALIEN encounter that seems to never end…THIS IS ALIEN: COVINANT.

Venturing to colonize another planet deep within our Solar System – we meet a new team of space travelers, including Vessel Commander/ Robot Walter (Michael Fassbender), Branson (James Franco), Daniels (Katherine Waterston) Oram (Billy Crudup), Tennessee (Danny McBride), Lope (Damien Bichir), Karine (Carmen Ejogo), Ricks (Jessie Smollett), Upworth (Callie Hernandez) and Faris (Amy Seimetz).

As the ship sustains uncontrollable damage, it seems that the pods that they inhabit are faulty, causing one of their own to perish right before their eyes. With the loss of Branson, Oram steps up to take on commanding the ship, continuing the search for the perfect place to inhabit for his crew, and for all the embryos they are carrying along for this ride too.

When the perfect planet appears out of nowhere, it seems that Oram and Daniels aren’t agreeable on whether or not to check it out, or to continue to their planned destination point, insuring everyone’s survival…

Determined to venture to this new earth-like planet, and to claim it for their colonization efforts, Omar and a portion of the team venture to this new land, in hopes of finding paradise…but ultimately finding demons that no one can stop, or eradicate!!!

I give ALIEN: COVENANT a rating of MUST SEE ON THE BIG SCREEN: I was definitely excited to check out this latest installment in the ALIEN franchise, hoping that Scott would outperform his last film PROMETHEUS ~ which he most certainly accomplished! From the partial intertwining of the storylines of the previous films, to some of the nastiest ALIEN encounters yet, this film dragged me in to all its madness, and didn’t let go. This new team of voyagers was enjoyable to watch as well, as Cudrup, Waterston and McBride seemed up for the challenge of kicking ALIEN bootie the whole way threw. Fassbenders performance was slightly above average this time too as Walter/David, plus, from a cinematic viewpoint, I think this new ALIEN put all its predecessors~ except for the original~ to bed. The scariness of these aliens is close to the nightmarish phenomenon that overtook me when I viewed the original, thus causing me to suggest that you venture to a theater near you this weekend and see this intoxicating outer space experience AT IT’S BEST, on THE BIG SCREEN & in 3D!

Kathy Kaiser 

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