The Fate of the Furious


“Unbelievably, this 8th installment is even FASTER and more FURIOUS than the last!” – Matinee Chat with Kathy Kaiser

Starring Vin Diesel, Charlize Theron, Dwayne Johnson, Jason Statham, Michelle Rodriguez, Tyrese Gibson, Ludacris, Nathalie Emmanuel, Kurt Russell, Scott Eastwood, Helen Mirren and Luke Evans

Welcome to the 8th installment in the franchise, as Dom (Vin Diesel) and Letty (Michelle Rodriguez) venture to Cuba on their honeymoon. In the midst of all the beauty and relaxation, leave it to Dom to find himself in a car race with the islands largest car enthusiast, thus giving him the opportunity to show off his street racing style

While Letty and Dom “enjoy their time together”, a small break from one another allows for the mysterious CIPHER (Charlize Theron) to emerge into Dom’s life, sharing a piece of info that pulls at Dom so hard, he deflects from his team in the midst of a job orchestrated by Hobbs (Dwayne Johnson).

As Letty, Roman (Tyrese Gibson), Tej (Ludacris), Ramsey (Nathalie Emmanuel) and Hobbs try to figure out what’s really up with their fearless leader Dominic Torretto, enter Intel specialist Mr. Nobody (Kurt Russell), and his new sidekick, Little Nobody (Scott Eastwood), explaining to the team exactly how nasty Cipher truly is…and forcing them to embrace their arch nemesis, Deckard (Jason Statham), in the process…

Now its up to everyone to work fearlessly on getting Dom to come to his senses, and to rid the world of the cyber-hacking genius CIPHER, before she destroys our world, and manages to destroy the F & F family too in the process…

I give THE FATE OF THE FURIOUS a rating of MUST SEE ON THE BIG SCREEN ~ Even if you haven’t had to opportunity to catch all 7 films of the franchise to this point – no worries – as the evolution of the storylines of these films try to keep you up-to-date, thus drawing you in, no matter what number your on! Diesel is perfection as the illustrious leader “gone rogue”; once again proving he’s a master at action, and deception too! And once you find out why Dom has left his family, it’s an even more endearing twist of fate than I could have imagined going in! From the street car race minutes in, literally filmed on the streets of Cuba, to the team being forced to embrace Deckard, who eventually tries to redeem himself as well, this film is even FASTER and MORE FURIOUS than the last installment. What sent this action packed thriller totally into the stratosphere for me, was when one of my favorite actresses popped up as the mother of Deckard and Owen, once again raising the bar for this franchise in my eyes! Take my word for it, this film will leave you ecstatic having had the opportunity to experience another joy ride of epic proportions, and, as always…THE FATE OF THE FURIOUS will leave you right in the sweet spot of wanting more…

Kathy Kaiser

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