Theater NEWS : One of the Nation’s Largest Cinema Chains, Family-Run B&B Theaters Announces Multi-Site Integration of MediaMation’s MX4D Immersive Theater Seating.

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One of the Nation’s Largest Cinema Chains, Family-Run B&B Theaters Announces Multi-Site Integration of MediaMation’s MX4D Immersive Theater Seating.

Since 1924 – Multigenerational family theater chain, B&B Theaters (with more than 400 screens nationally) will rollout MediaMation’s MX4D immersive seating throughout Q3 – Q4.

 MediaMation and B&B anticipate that a MX4D movie experience will ‘wow’ millennials searching for an extreme and immersive entertainment experience.

 March 28th, 2017-Las Vegas, NV (CINEMACON) – B&B Theatres has a long history of bringing entertainment innovations to their customers.

They have seen the coming of sound, color, widescreen, digital, 3D, and countless other advances in stereo sound and projection. Newer complexes offer the latest in sound and comfort, including DOLBY 7.1 Surround Sound and digital sound in all auditoriums, stadium seating, wide screens, high-back rocker chairs with cup holders, DTS-X immersive sound, luxury electric recliner seating.

Now…MediaMation’s MX4D immersive EFX entertainment seating.

Enter MediaMation’s MX4D technology.

“The MediaMation team has worked towards this partnership with B&B Theaters for (3) three years,” admits Heather Blair, Head of Cinema Sales for MediaMation, Inc.. The MX4D theater seating integration will begin this Summer with several others to follow in Q3 and Q4 of 2017.

B&B’s domestic cinema footprint spans 50 locations in Arkansas, Arizona, Kansas, Florida, Missouri, Mississippi, Oklahoma and Texas.

“B&B is in the midst of developing a preeminent entertainment destination for the millennial moviegoer. In keeping up with the trends, we trusted MediaMation to identify and design the right business model for our business, ” stated Brock Bagby, B&B Theatres Vice President of Programming & Business Development.

Bagby continues, “and select the perfect site to premier our MX4D entertainment capabilities.

B&B is looking forward to impressing guests of all ages with a unique and immersive movie-going experience.”

MediaMation and B&B anticipate that the MX4D movie experience will ‘wow’ millennials who search for immersive entertainment experiences. Data has revealed that millennials seek the ultimate — always looking for that premium entertainment experience.

B&B Theaters selected MediaMation for it’s flexible business model and extremely fluid film programming. Hours upon hours of scrutinizing detail goes into synchronizing the motion synergy between the action on the screen and the EFX and motion happening in the MX4D seat. 4D technology has proven to be the leading immersive cinema technology and is rolling out all over the globe. Today, 18,000 MX4D immersive EFX theater seats are available in 160 cinemas worldwide.

This recent partnership between MediaMation and B&B Theaters is only part of MediaMation’s dynamic approach to bolster the MX4D brand throughout the United States. The company’s flexible business model allows them to serve the immediate needs of a cinema chain.

“B&B is excited to add MX4D EFX seating to the movie going experience,” states Dennis McIntire Executive Director of Development & Construction. “MX4D is a completely immersive experience and we feel confident that the customers will seek out this unique new way to enjoy their favorite movies.”

Today, B&B operates theaters in towns of all sizes, and they’ve even opened multiplex theaters in many of the same places that once were home to our old-time single-screen and twin theaters. And Elmer Bills, Jr., continues to maintain a home in Salisbury, MO, where the Lyric-the theater where his parents met-stands proudly as a town landmark.

“We look forward to a long and prosperous relationship with MediaMation for years to come,”

remarks Bagby.



7th Largest Theatre Chain in America

Over 400 Screens

. 50 locations

  • 9 States
  • Featuring Marquee Suites®, IMAX®, PLF

GRAND SCREEN ® and 21+ auditoriums

Company History

B&B Theatres has been family owned and operated since 1924 when Elmer Bills Sr. opened a movie house in Salisbury, Missouri where the future Mrs. Bills played the piano for silent movies. During the company’s 93 years, and four generations of family involvement, it has seen the coming of sound, color, Technicolor, stadium seating, multiplexes, digital cinema recliners, PLF Grand Screens®, Dine-In Marquee Suites® and now MX4D.

The company has temporary offices in Gladstone with plans to relocate to Liberty, where a new 12-screen complex breaks ground in May at the Liberty Commons project. B&B has also announced a second location in Lee’s Summit, MO with several other new builds and remodels in the works for 2017 and 2018.

B&B Theatres is the 7th largest theatre chain in the United States and operates 401 screens at 50 locations in Arizona, Arkansas, Florida, Kansas Missouri, Mississippi, Oklahoma and Texas.


18,000 MX4D immersive EFX theater seats are in use in 160 cinemas worldwide.

For 25 years, MediaMation, Inc. has provided innovative technological solutions to the entertainment market. MediaMation is an interactive technology company and a worldwide, leading supplier and manufacturer of patented technology for 4D/5D motion EFX

theatres and seats, including its MX4D ® Motion EFX technology.

MMI also designs and implements turnkey creative solutions for complex shows, rides, exhibits, fountain shows, etc. for theme parks, zoos, aquariums, museums, cinemas and FECs. For more information, visit , follow @MediaMationMX4D on Twitter or MediaMation, Inc. on LinkedIn.

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