“A coming of age movie that borders on being ~ OUT OF THIS WORLD” – 

 Kathy Kaiser, Matinee Chat


Starring Asa Butterfield, Gary Oldman, Carla Gugino, Janet Montgomery and Britt Robertson

As we venture to follow Nathaniel Shepherd’s (Gary Oldman) dream of inhabiting Mars, lead Astronaut Sarah Elliott (Janet Montgomery) leads her team in establishing the first settlement on the Red Planet, and surprisingly manages to provide this new planet with its first child too.

When Sarah dies shortly after giving birth, her son Gardner Elliott (Asa Butterfield), is forced to create a life for himself amongst the scientists and engineers that are now fostering him on Mars.

Longing for contact with those back on Earth, Gardner starts an Internet relationship with high-school student Tulsa (Britt Robertson), as the two chat daily about their totally screwed up lives…

When Gardner is given the opportunity to return to Earth, he immediately seeks out Tulsa ~ not only to share his feelings that have grown for her, but to ask her to assist him in finding his father, back here on earth.

But now, faced with the fact that his body is apparently incompatible with the Earth’s atmosphere, having never been subjected to it, Gardner must decide if finding his father is more important, than staying alive…

I give THE SPACE BETWEEN US a rating between MUST SEE ON THE BIG SCREEN & WAIT AND CATCH THIS FILM ON DVD: First off, I must share that this film, and its storylines, greatly surpassed my expectations going in. I was expecting a two-hour bore fest, and was pleasantly surprised by how entertaining the multidimensional premise of this film ending up being, as well as the superb acting throughout. Butterfield and Robertson are absolutely adorable together, as their compatibility is totally apparent throughout every inch of this film. Goldman’s character is believable too, even though I did question his appearance not changing at all throughout 16 years (He must have really good genes J) Montgomery and Gugino’s performances were also stellar, playing Gardner’s mother, and step-in motherly figure, respectively. So why not just rate this film A MUST SEE? Even though it totally surpassed my dismal expectations going in, I just felt it needed a little “something more”. More intrigue, more mystery, more intenseness ~ even though I was kind of surprised by the sleeping bag scene mid way through~ and I’ll leave that right there! THE SPACE BETWEEN US is a very entertaining film ~ it really is ~ I just feel that it falls short of becoming the epic, coming of age, intergalactic love story that it could have been!

Kathy Kaiser

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