INFERNO – Rated PG-13


INFERNO – Rated PG-13 – 2 hrs 1 min

Starring Tom Hanks, Felicity Jones, Omar Sy and Ben Foster

Once again the lives of many are in the hands of Dr. Robert Langdon in this third installment from Dan Brown.

When a deadly manmade plague threatens the majority of the world’s population, Langdon is sent across Europe in search of how to stop it.

I give INFERNO a rating of MUST SEE ON THE BIG SCREEN. As a fan of Dan Browns first two movies (Davinci Code and Angels and Demons), I had high hopes for this film. That being said, this film exceeded my expectations. Tom Hanks once again plays the part of Robert Langdon and knocks it out of the park. Alongside Hanks, Felicity Jones plays Langdon’s counterpart this time around, as she keeps Hanks on his toes. This film has a slow start, but once it gets going, it is non stop action and suspense. If you’re a fan of puzzles, or other Dan Brown stories, your sure to enjoy this thriller!

Jordan Haar

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