OPERATION AVALANCHE – Rated R – 1 hr. 34 mins.

Starring Matt Johnson, Owen Williams and Josh Boles

Engrossed in 1967’s NASA prowess on getting a man on the moon before the Russian’s do, we meet CIA Agents Matt Johnson (Matt Johnson) and Owen Williams (Owen Williams), as they agree to enter NASA as a film crew, looking to find out how close we are to leaving for the moon…

As Johnson and Williams use their disguise to the best of their ability, it seems they have uncovered that the boys at NASA may not be as close to getting to the moon as President Kennedy assumed.

With the pressure of the Russians reaching space before us, our CIA Agents convince the higher-ups at NASA to allow them to stage our arrival on the moon, and film it for the American public to consume.

When word gets out that the moon walk may have been staged, anyone that knows about this “conspiracy”, or who may have played a role in its conception or completion, may not be longed for this world, or the next…

I give OPERATION AVALANCHE a rating of DON’T WASTE YOUR TIME OR MONEY: Having always been intrigued by space flight and the NASA program growing up; I was totally thrown off by Johnson and Owen bringing up the “conspiracy theory” that had plagued the NASA program in the late 1960’s, and tried very hard to present it as factual. I realize it’s Art, and freedom of speech, and all that stuff, and you can make a movie about whatever you want ~ this is AMERICA ~ it just made me feel bad for those men who gave their life’s work in making this dream and these events REALLY HAPPEN, only to have all these ridiculous theories brought back to life yet again. This film goes out of its way to try to bring validity to the “falseness of the program” and at the hands of those who were a part of it, which I feel is a great travesty too! I guess I should be offended by the fact that they present our federal government unfavorably too – alluding to if the Feds don’t like something your doing, they can off you in an instant…and I’m sure that part of the film is just fiction too 😉 From the less than flattering “old grainy style” of cinematography to the blasphemy of its storyline, I wasn’t impressed with OPERATION AVALANCHE, or it’s conspiracy theory rhetoric either…enough said!

Kathy Kaiser

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