Starring Rachel Weisz, Michael Shannon, Kathy Bates and Danny Glover

“There is this moment when you are a blank slate…it’s like a high…and you’re deciding what’s next?”

When the walls of life seem to be closing in, what’s a girl to do but to change her direction, and her identity: THIS IS COMPLETE UNKNOWN!

In the midst of struggling with yet another birthday, we meet Tom (Michael Shannon), who is also overwhelmed at the moment with keeping his marriage in tact, and keeping his career on the right path.

When a “new friend” of his co-worker ends up at his birthday bash, Tom is caught off guard by her familiarity, even though her name is acutely not so. As Alice (Rachel Weisz) explains her mystical life and captivating past, everyone seems to be mesmerized by her life stories, and her beauty too.

Able to sneak away for just a moment with Alice, Tom must know if this special guest is really Jenny ~ a love interest from his past ~ as he contemplates her seemingly far fetched stories, and questions why she vanished unexplainably so many years ago.

As Jenny explains how she has perfected becoming whomever she wants, whenever she wants, Tom is intrigued, even stepping into one of her psychotic “portrayals” himself for a little while. But, as reality sinks in, Tom finds that living life as someone else, isn’t the reality he wants for his own life, in the end…

I give COMPLETE UNKNOWN a rating of CATCH THIS FILM ON DVD OR NETFLIX: Weisz again gives an adequate performance, as the whimsical maiden compelled to become a chameleon in life, at the flip of a switch. Shannon is good too, as the man torn between this woman from his past and his present existence. I was even intrigued by the storyline going in, as how many different lives can one woman actually pull off in her lifetime. So why isn’t this a MUST SEE ON THE BIG SCREEN for me? From the lack of visual acuity within many of the scenes, even with my glasses on, to the questions throughout the storyline that you never get answers to, to the unconvincing chemistry between Weisz and Shannon, as past love interests, this film seems subpar across the board. It feels more like a rainy day Sunday viewing on your comfy couch, than a rush out to see this one at a movie theater near you, so that is exactly what I am suggesting that you do. 😉

Kathy Kaiser

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