EQUITY – Rated R


EQUITY ~ Rated R

Starring Anna Gunn, James Purefoy , Sarah Megan Thomas, and Alysia Reiner

When you life’s work is questioned after a small misstep in producing a high yield IPO for a client, and then your love decides to work both sides of the equation too, what’s a girl to do??? This is EQUITY!

Caught up in a life-long career as a Senior Investment Banker, we meet Naomi Bishop (Anna Gunn) a sharp, and smooth women, who has built her career by making her investors big money along the way!

Reeling off her first low yielding IPO endeavor, Naomi isn’t used to be on this side of the equation, and, with a big promotion opportunity looming, she needs to get another company on the hook and fast.

Enter her assistant Erin (Sarah Megan Thomas), who has been working her tushy off for Naomi, waiting for her next promotion as well, but apparently Naomi doesn’t think she’s worthy just yet…even though she has been waiting for 2 years

When a new client agrees to let Naomi work her magic, it seems that Naomi needs Erin’s “specialties” to help her secure this client, even though she thinks Erin, and her abilities in the finance world are subpar.

As the world of high finance consumes her, Naomi finds release in the arms of her co-worker and hedge fund manager Michael Connor (James Purefoy), even though this type of relationship is totally taboo, and so is apparently the deals that Michael is working on as well…

With the feds in hot pursuit and Naomi’s career on the line, will she come through in the end for her latest client, or will the powers that be make sure she takes the fall, that they perceive she rightfully deserves???

I give EQUITY a rating between MUST SEE ON THE BIG SCREEN and WAIT AND CATCH THIS ONE ON DVD ~ Having a team of women write (Sarah Megan Thomas, Alysia Renner and Amy Fox) Direct (Amy Fox) and Star (Anna Gunn, Sarah Megan Thomas, Alysia Renner) in a film about a male dominated profession was rather intriguing, and experiencing the different philosophies between the sexes on how they perceive their careers was pretty enjoyable too. Gunn is excellent as the aggressively career minded Naomi, Thomas and Reiner are good too in their respective roles, and what’s a good story about a male-dominated profession without a slimy, blood sucking, yet very charming man in the picture, which Purejoy played out fabulously too. I also felt that the realness that was portrayed on screen from these characters was spot on, as we venture with these women through their day-to-day struggles of career vs. family, vs, relationships, vs. greed and betrayal and everything in between…

Kathy Kaiser

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