Starring Melissa McCarthy, Kristen Wiig, Kate McKinnon, Leslie Jones, Chris Hemsworth – and more cameos than you can even imagine!!!!

Based loosely on the 1984 hit by the same name, and Directed by Actor/Writer/Director Paul Feig – you know, the guy whose muse in this life has to be Melissa McCarthy, as he has directed her before in BRIDESMAIDS, THE HEAT and SPY – and he’s directing her this time too as one of the new lady GHOSTBUSTERS, who are taking on this ghost-hunting business with a new attitude, cause GIRL POWER RULES…THIS IS GHOSTBUSTERS (2016)!!!

Trying to gain tenure at her elite University, Professor Erin Gilbert (Kristen Wiig), is trying to forget her ghost hunting past, focusing on real research to pass the time away. When the book that Gilbert and fellow scientist and past BFF Abby Yates (Melissa McCarthy) resurfaces…Gilbert must find Yates to make this book disappear once again in order to save her career.

When their reunion doesn’t go quite as smoothly as planned, Gilbert gets the opportunity to meet Yates’s new research partner, the extremely intelligent, yet totally crazy Jillian Holtzman (Kate McKinnon).

While these three fight over what they are and are not going to do to prove apparitions DO EXIST, Metro toll booth attendant Patty Dolan (Leslie Jones) seeks out our ghost finding gals to take care of a pesky ghost of her own she’s found, harboring deep within the city’s train depot…

When more and more ghosts start surfacing all around town, it seems our girls need to acquire some much needed administrative help…enter super HOT, and super DUMB Kevin (Chris Hemsworth), although with all the smartness already in the office, who needs more, as Gilbert thinks he is just what the professor ordered!

As the world turns more ghostly by the minute…. it is up to our LADY GHOSTBUSTERS this time, to save they day…question is…CAN THEY???

I give GHOSTBUSTERS – 2016 version ~ a rating of MUST SEE ON THE BIG SCREEN ~ I have to be frank from the onset of this review, I wasn’t looking forward to viewing this remake, having so loved the boys in the original film. But to my complete surprise, the storyline, even though it was loosely based on the original tale, was awesome to view, and I couldn’t believe it as it all played out right before my very eyes. McCarthy, Wiig, McKinnon and Jones were better together than I was envisioning as well. Add that to the extremely better CGI 32 years later, and seeing it in 3D too, and it all makes this remake rather extraordinary. And even with all of these reasons to love it and head to a theater near you, they weren’t even the best part of GHOSTBUSTERS for me. THE BEST PART, was that they managed to work in so many awesome cameo appearances all the way through, and fit them so perfectly into the storyline too – that this cosmically colossal film has to be the BEST REMAKE EVER ~ Who knew?!

Kathy Kaiser

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