Starring Dwayne Johnson & Kevin Hart

As we meet Calvin Joyner (Kevin Hart) – the Former High School SUPERSTAR – who is now a married man, living the super-exciting life of an accountant, as he stagnates away, looking to for some new adventure to enter his life…

When ol’ High school chum Bob Stone (Dwayne Johnson), who reaches out to Calvin via Facebook, and it seems that Bob is dying to catch up with Calvin to chat about old times, their Reunion that is right around the corner, oh, and a case that Bob is working on too…

As these two friends reconnect ~ and that adventure Calvin was dying to be a part of arrives, it seems that espionage and intrigue is around every turn, bringing him to question if meeting up with old Buddy Bob, is turning out to be one of his better moves

I give CENTRAL INTELLIGENCE a rating between MUST SEE ON THE BIG SCREEN ~ Okay, so I wasn’t going in expecting much from this film, so believe me when I share that I was pleasantly surprised by all the hilariousness that ended up playing out on screen. Johnson is fabulous to view, Hart is too, and the combination of the two of them was better than I was anticipating as well, as their chemistry together plays out even better than the combination of Hart and Ice Cube!! And if you love espionage and intrigue, it’s got that too, plus enough plot twists and turns to keep you wanting more all the way through.   Suffice to say, this comedy is the WHOLE PACKAGE – from the expertly placed cameos ~ nope I’m not giving them away 😉 ~ to the references from one of my ALL TIME FAVORITE JOHN HUGHES FILMS OF ALL TIME – this one plays out as one very enjoyable film to watch from beginning to end…So if your wanting to laugh your “you know what off this weekend”, head to a theater near you to catch CENTRAL INTELLIGENCE…cause it’s THE BOMB!!

Kathy Kaiser

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