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How did you prepare to play these characters from the 80’s ~

Hoechlin ~ It’s funny how much everything changes, and how much they stay the same.   A Bunch of guys hanging out and forming that camaraderie is still the same. We watched a biography called No No about Doc Ellis – baseball is still the same in ways and different in others ~ maybe it’s more polished today, and more gritty back then, but its still the same game.


What was it like working for Richard Linklater?

Jenner/Guzman: He was really chill as a director. It was such collaboration. It was Inspiring and creative learning from him. He would change things on a dime for us, and that trust… you don’t feel that from many directors. It’s a beautiful thing because it makes every feel at ease and to dive in deeper to be a better actor.


Did they let you improv at all??

Hoechlin – There was some improv…but not a lot. That wasn’t the idea to begin with, it wasn’t structured…he would take things and shoot a few scenes…and then go back and change them some…

Guzman:   Except for one person ~ Justin…he got to do a lot – no one expected him to be doing martial arts on the baseball field, that’s for sure…


Two of you are writers though right?

We actually ALL ARE!!


What was your favorite scene of the film?

Jenner – You know that slow motion shot where we see the girls by the record machine…I really liked that scene – there was constant peacocking going on…


Did you all play baseball before this film ~

Guzman: Actually I’m not sure that you can tell it’s me in the scene. I’m the guy in the scene running, sliding and catching the ball – I was a pitcher in college and it was great getting back on the field, acting like an idiot and getting paid for it.


How fun was the freshman scene on the field?

Jenner ~ It was really fun ha-ha!! We didn’t know it was so mapped out before we got there.

Guzman – we didn’t know that guy that played Tyrone Plummer was going to be upside down – he passed out didn’t he??

Hoechlin – Almost…


 How much of this film was relatable to your own experience in College playing your character in this film??

Jenner – since I didn’t really have a college experience, it was awesome to finally have one making this film.

Guzman: I can relate. I didn’t really have to search for a group, I had one, and it was the baseball team – even though most of them were assholes. You get to live a certain part of your life over again making this film.

Hoechlin: For me it was the relationships, the jabbing and stuff, being able to live that over again was awesome…


What do you think that the fans of DAZED AND CONFUSED are going to think about his film?

Guzman: Someone in the media made a reference to D & C, and it stuck. I think this film really has its own identity …when Richard talks about D & C, it’s about the moments, and he didn’t really compare the two films…

Hoechlin: The thing that strikes me with this film is it’s really a window into this world, its not beating you over the head with anything. It’s just a slice of life that you remember not having the restraints of authority and have the opportunity to become your own person. It’s the same tone and the same feel. They are both inspired by Rick’s life – but we really never try to emulate anything from the previous film… We never really discussed the movie much at all…unless Rick referenced it.

Jenner: I think the only thing that you can transfer from both movies is it’s the timeless aspect of both films. Style changes, music changes, fads change, but growing up and finding you niche in the world, and finding out who you are, and experiencing it is really the correlation between the two.


Which Character is RICK, I assume it’s you Blake?

Jenner: There is actually a sprinkle of Rick in everyone in this film…


When casting, did you guys get the parts you really wanted?

 Hoechlin: I don’t know if we knew who the characters really were – they had different names going in…

Guzman: They had different names when we auditioned. We had to try out for three different characters and I decided to combine them to audition for Roper – I cheated the system and it worked.

Hoechlin: They told me I did awesome, you were amazing. And then when I found out I got the job, I called a few weeks later before I left to say hey, what part did I get??


Your characters are three crazy players, in a house full of crazier personalities…I want to know what the camaraderie was like when the cameras stopped?

 Guzman: There was constant competition, to grow as an actor, grow as a person, just have fun, enjoy the moment – it was the best adult camp ever.

Jenner: I think the one challenge for everyone, was not focusing on the clock, because nobody wanted it to end. Everyone kept showing up for scenes they weren’t even in…everybody showed up for the last scene and just cheering us on, which was odd…because it really wasn’t a scene to cheer about…


Have you guys shown the film to your parents? And have they confirmed that a lot of the film is accurate for the time??

Jenner: My dad is very stoic guy in the world, super serious. Seeing him come and knowing that he was a freshman basketball player in college the same year as we are playing in this film, and seeing him grin from ear to ear was incredible. That is one thing him and I will have to linger on in conversation later…

Guzman: I brought my cousins and one of my really close friends and after the movie ended they said – which one were you??? Were you the one slicing those balls??? Ha-ha…



















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