As the WAR OF THE COMIC BOOK SUPERHERO MOVIE STUDIOS RAGES ON… ENTER DC’S NEXT INSTALLMENT as Director Zach Snyder ~ known for such awesome films as 300 and MAN OF STEEL takes us back into the world of DC for this little showdown, where it seems that SUPERMAN (HENRY CAVILL) and his powers are being questioned to determine if he is a man of virtue or of ultimate demise??

Seeing Superman as a menace to our way of life ~ after witnessing the aftermath created by the MAN OF STEEL years ago, our CAPED CRUSADER BATMAN (BEN AFFLECK) vows to end the reign of this nemesis and False hero once and for all…

When a youngster by the name of LEX LUTHOR (JESSE EISENBERG) arrives on the scene, it seems that Bruce Wayne and Clark Kent are both on the guest list of his little soiree ~ along with the breathtakingly beautiful Diana Prince ~ aka WONDER WOMAN (GAL GADOT) ~ and the result of this convergence of time and space is one incredibly ACTION PACKED SUPERHERO CLASH, that just doesn’t want to end…

I GIVE BATMAN v SUPERMAN: DAWN OF JUSTICE a rating of MUST SEE ON THE BIG SCREEN AND IN IMAX3D ~ After months and months of anticipation, the day has finally arrived for us to see the SUPERHEROES in CAPES and exactly why they are going to HAVE AT IT…AND BOY, DO THEY!!! From the entrance of Jeremy Irons playing ALFRED ~ Who is absolutely SUPERB in this role ~ to my unexpected fondness that continued to grow for BEN AFFLECK as BATMAN throughout the film~Didn’t see that one coming either ~ to the super sexy shirtless scene of my guy CLARK KENT/HENRY CAVILL ~Hubba, Hubba 😉 ~ BATMAN v SUPERMAN IS A TOTAL KNOCK DOWN, DRAG OUT WINNER FOR ME!!! It was also fabulous to see Amy Adams back as Lois Lane, and a quick glimpse of one of my first TRUE LOVES ON THE BIG SCREEN Kevin Costner too…And, even though I definitely feel that this DC’s BEST TO DATE ~ and I WAS’NT EXPECTING TO UTTER THOSE WORDS EITHER…~ There were just a few oversights along the way, that I wish they would have addressed before its release ~ which would have made it ABSOLUTELY PERFECT…Like, I needed to see WONDER WOMAN long before we did and with her playing a much more significant role. And even though I definitely suggest that you catch this one in IMAX3D to experience this film in all it’s SUPERNESS – I think they could have turned down the volume a tad as well, as parts of this film were just so OVER-THE-TOP LOUD it took away from the enjoyment factor ~ and I know they always feel like they want to give us our MONIES WORTH, but I think we could have shortened some of the drawn out action sequences just a bit – so that we didn’t have to be viewing this one for the extended time of 151 minutes… But, with all that said, I am waiting in ultimate anticipation for the our next DC ADVENTURE…as it seems it is going to be ANOTHER ADVENTURE OF EPIC PROPORTIONS to say the least ~ So get your SUPERHERO LOVIN CREW together and head out to a theater near you TODAY to experience BATMAN v SUPERMAN: DAWN OF JUSTICE ~ it truly is A DEFINITE MUST SEE ON THE BIG SCREEN ~ as you can’t view this one ANY OTHER WAY ~

Kathy Kaiser

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