Miracles From Heaven Movie Poster

Based on the miraculous true-life story and on the novel written by Christy Beam ~ we meet Anna Beam – a thriving 10 year old with a heart of gold, who falls ill for no apparent reason – even though she is in excruciating pain all the time.

After going from Doctor to Doctor with apparently no diagnosis in sight, Christy (Jennifer Garner) isn’t giving up on finding out what is wrong with her daughter Anna (Kylie Rogers), as her pain seems to be worsening…

When a diagnosis is finally determined, after months and months of agony, Anna is found to have a rare form of a digestive abnormality, making her unable to digest her food properly – which causes excruciating pain ALL THE TIME.

As the rest of the Beam family – Dad Kevin (Martin Henderson), older sister Abbie (Brighton Sharbino) and younger sister Adelynn (Courtney Fansler) – try to keep the FAITH, and the family going, Christy is on a mission to get her daughter in to see the one doctor that might be able to save her daughters life – Dr. Nurko (Engenio Durbez), even though there is a waiting list a mile long to see him…

When Dr. Nurko confirms Anna’s dire diagnosis, it seems that even with all his knowledge and expertise, there may be no end to the pain and suffering she endures daily…

Determined to go back home to be with her sisters, as no one really knows how much longer she has on this earth…Anna and Abbie decide to make the best of a bad situation, as they attempt to do the things they used to love to do before Anna got sick…including climbing their big oak tree in the back yard…

Then, without warning, tragedy strikes, as Anna plummets down the hollow of the tree, almost ending her life…

But, can it be, that this fall has produced the MIRACLE everyone has been praying for – as, it not only didn’t kill Anna, but it seems, her pain and agony is over too???

I give MIRACLES FROM HEAVEN a rating between MUST SEE ON THE BIG SCREEN and WAIT AND CATCH IT ON DVD~ Okay, maybe it’s the MOM IN ME ~ or maybe it’s the fact that I want to believe that MIRACLES REALLY DO HAPPEN each and every day – either way – I enjoyed viewing this immensely entertaining film all the way through! Rogers is unstoppable as Anna, as her performance is indescribably REAL and EMOTIONAL.  Garner is also at her best this time around, playing the MOM ON A MISSION to save her daughters life, and at any cost…and Henderson is fabulous too, playing the DAD that tries to keep it all together for their other girls. Dubez is also superb as the Doctor “with that special touch”, trying to make a really bad situation almost bearable, plus the small, yet touching performance from Queen Latifah as Angela, the waitress, makes the cast of this film seem like it must be Heaven sent!  You also want to be sure to bring along some tissues this time around, as between the subject matter and all the excellent performances, this one doesn’t leave a dry eye in the house. So, if you are wanting a TOUCHING FLICK that will make your heart grow by leaps and bounds – then head out to a theater near you to catch MIRACLES FROM HEAVEN…and if you aren’t quite feeling a inspirational film in your future at the present, that’s okay too, but I do suggest that you pick up the DVD when it pops, so that you and your entire family can me touched by this very inspirational film…

Kathy Kaiser

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