London Has Fallen – Rated R



“What the hell are you made out of?”…”Bourbon and poor choices…”

Embark upon the sequel to OLYMPUS HAS FALLEN ~ as we find yet again our president is in danger, and Secret Service agent Mike Banning is his only hope for survival ~ So Buckle in for this terrorist invasion of epic proportions ~ THIS IS LONDON HAS FALLEN!!

 After the unexpected death of England’s Prime Minister ~ President Benjamin Asher (Aaron Eckhart), Secret Service Director Lynne Jacobs (Angela Bassett) and Secret Service Agent Mike Banning (Gerard Butler) are joining other world’s Leaders in the heart of London to pay their respects to their fallen comrade…

When, what is suppose to be the most secure place on the planet ~ turns into HELL ON EARTH ~ it is up to Banning to get the President, and his Director, out of harms way ~ even though it appears the terrorists have taken over London by land, sea, and air…

When word arrives back home that London is in peril ~ and the President’s whereabouts are unknown ~ VP Martin Trumbull (Morgan Freeman) takes control of the situation, hoping to assist MI6 in saving their own country from this terrorist invasion~ while helping to secure the safety of the President too…

With more terrorists it seems, at every turn ~ Banning must use every ounce of energy and Intel he can muster, in an attempt to save our President, as they take on this FORMIDABLE FOE…

I give LONDON HAS FALLEN a rating between: MUST SEE ON THE BIG SCREEN and WAIT AND CATCH THIS ONE ON DVD ~ First and foremost ~ this sequel is SO MUCH BETTER THAN THE ORIGINAL ~ Butler is in perfect form playing Secret Service agent Mike Banning. Eckhart is better this time around too, having to fend for himself a little a long the way. And as the action movies unfold this year, it seems that we are going to go for making each one more GRAPHICALLY VIOLENT than the last, as LONDON HAS FALLEN is most definitely THAT AS WELL. I also give a positive rating for the length of this film – Only 1 hour and 39 minutes ~ which absolutely seems to cruise along with all the action and suspense around every turn. So, what are the drawbacks??? I know you can’t annihilate all of London literally, but the CGI this time around is really subpar, and I was hoping for more face time for both Freeman and Bassett this time around too, but for circumstances that I can’t disclose without major spoiler alerts, it didn’t happen. If you are looking for real suspense, action and lots of drama, then you have to check out LONDON HAS FALLEN at a theater near you this weekend ~ it really is BETTER THAN I THOUGHT IT WAS GOING TO BE ~ or, if your thinking even with my positive review that it may not be worth the price of admission – then hold out and grab it on DVD so everyone in your household over the age of 15 can enjoy each and every dramatic and violent minute of this film a few months from now.

Kathy Kaiser

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