As we venture into the land of PHARAOHS and GODS ~ the mortals of goodness and grace are about to loose their happy home ~ being forced to live under the rule of the seething torturous and cruel God Set…but don’t count out a GOOD conquering EVIL storyline just yet…This is GODS OF EGYPT!!!

About to take on the throne of the land, God Horus (Nikolaj Coster-Waldau) is blindsided by the arrival of his Uncle Set (Gerard Bulter) ~ the God of Darkness…

Overthrowing Horus and taking over his land, his people, and even his girl ~ The Goddess of Love Hathor (Elodie Yung)…Set is ready to RULE AS KING, fulfilling the prophecy he wrote for himself, many moons ago…

With the entire land in turmoil, mortal Bek (Brenton Thwaites) and his one true love Zaya (Courtney Eaton), live for a few minutes of fleeting happiness in one another’s arms.

Suddenly, triumph turns to tragedy, forcing Beck to seek out and retrieve the God Horus, in hopes that he can bring Zaya back to him from the netherworld…

A bond is forged between Bek and Horus, as they not only try to save Zaya, but the rest of the mortals under Set’s rule as well, it is decided that they must seek out the ALMIGHTY SUN GOD RA (Geoffrey Rush) ~ to aid them in their quest to SAVE THE WORLD from CHAOS and ultimate ANNIHILATION…

I give GODS OF EGYPT a rating of: WAIT AND CATCH THIS ONE ON A FREE MOVIE CHANNEL ~ From all the trailers and hype, I was hoping to see a recreation of an EPIC FILM on the BIG SCREEN ~ Reminiscent of CLEOPATRA or a better version of CLASH OF THE TITANS being brought to life before my very eyes…but sadly, GODS OF EGYPT brought about few fleeting moments of EPICNESS AT BEST. From the 1990’sesque CGI – to the slow and drawn out storyline – to the miss casting of Coster-Walsau as the GOOD GOD HORUS (All I kept seeing was the a-hole he was in THE OTHER WOMAN J), which doesn’t bode well for him playing A GOD! The only two positives I took away from this film were the fact that BUTLER CAN PLAY MEAN AND NASTY QUITE WELL, as his character was definitely the stand out role of this film, and the costumes were rather nice along the way too (Kudos to the seamstresses ~ as this was about the only EPIC part of the film for me. I mean, even Thwaites performance as the mortal on a mission played out so lackluster and void of emotion throughout the entire film, that I really couldn’t force myself to get too excited about anything but BUTLER and the DRESSES. Suffice to say that GODS OF EGYPT is a mediocre film, forcing me to suggest you wait and catch this film on FX, TBS, or any other FREE movie channel you can catch it on, that way you won’t feel duped by putting too much money out to view this slightly less-than-average film…

Kathy Kaiser


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