45 YEARS – Rated R

45 Years Movie Poster

45 YEARS – Rated R

Writer, Producer and Director Andrew Haigh brings to life a story about a relationship that’s spanned half a lifetime, and just how quickly passion, love and companionship that has lasted 45 years, can be unraveled as unspoken feelings and truths from the past emerge ~ THIS IS 45 YEARS.

Engrossed in her life-long romance with her husband Geoff (Tom Courtenay), Kate (Charlotte Rampling) finds herself content in the life they have created together. Focusing on their impending Anniversary celebration, Kate is stopped in her tracks, when her husband reveals that his first love, which has been missing for decades, has suddenly been found…

Kate finds herself in unchartered territory after all these years, as her husband has been extremely affected by this news ~ much more than she had ever anticipated.

Growing tiresome of the effect this woman must still have on her husbands life, and now her own, Kate goes in search of anything that will give her more knowledge about this woman, and the life that Geoff and her once shared.

Rocked to her core by what she finds, Kate realizes that the life she has lived, may have been affected by this ghost right from the very start…

I give 45 YEARS a rating of WAIT AND CATCH THIS FILM ON STREAMING OR NETFLIX. Even though lead actress Charlotte Rampling has been nominated in the Best Actress category at this years Academy Awards, I feel that this film is definitely slated for the MORE MATURE VIEWER – as in anyone over the age of 65 – as it was agonizingly slow and mundane to view for me. Rampling’s performance while good, didn’t come across to me as Oscar worthy (There were so many better performances in a leading role from other actresses this year – Like Blythe Danner in I’LL SEE YOU IN MY DREAMS, or Charlize Theron in MAD MAX ~ or Jennifer Jason Leigh in THE HATEFUL EIGHT, or even Elizabeth Banks in LOVE AND MERCY, I felt all of these women were more worthy of this accolade) and Courtenay’s performance as the grieving husband came across slightly better than average too. The only intriguing part of this film for me, was Rampling’s characters stoic one minute, and tenacious the next attitude at finding out the truth about her husband’s past, which he hadn’t mentioned in 45 years…which ultimately became a stretch for me to accept from the storyline perspective of this film as well, Thus leaving me to suggest that you wait a few months till you can view this film on a computer or television in the comfort of your very own, as you might need a nap before it’s all through…

Kathy Kaiser

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