“I ain’t afraid to die anymore…I done it already.”

Based on the 2002 Michael Punke novel by the same name, and written and directed by Academy Award Winning Director Alejandro González Iñárritu ~ we embark upon an epic tale of adventure, torture, betrayal and survival ~ as lived by real-life trapper & frontiersman Hugh Glass ~ THIS IS THE REVENANT!!!

The time of 1820 ~ as we meet frontiersman Hugh Glass (Leonardo DeCaprio), who is leading a trapping expedition through the wilderness of the great Northwest.   When his team ends up in the midst of a battle against a local Indian tribe, Glass, his son Hawk (Forrest Goodluck), and comrades Capt. Andrew Henry (Domhnall Gleeson) and John Fitzgerald (Tom Hardy), and a few other of their comrades, barely make it out of with their lives…

Striving to make it to the nearest manned Fort, Glass and the others attempt to find the nearest manned Fort, to seek refuge from the cold. While on excursion for food, Glass is mauled by a massive Grizzly, and barely survives the attack. When Glass unexplainably survives, the men attempt to carry him through the wilderness, only to find that this scenario may be the demise of them all. As the good Captain must come to terms with the option of saving one man, or loosing many, he decides to retain a few of his men to keep a watchful eye over Glass until he meets with his ultimate demise, when they can provide a proper burial…

When it seems that death is eminent, Fitzgerald and Bridger (Will Poulter) leave Glass for dead, and head into the wilderness to find the others…

Bound and determined to survive, but without any supplies, or a gun for that matter, Glass struggles to heal from his wounds, as he forges his way back to civilization through hundreds of miles frozen tundra ~ hell bent on making Fitzgerald pay for killing his son, and leaving him too for dead…

I give THE REVENANT a rating of MUST SEE ON THE BIG SCREEN: Even though frontiersman and Indians aren’t really a storyline I gravitate to, this true story of betrayal, torture and an epic will to survive, compounded with some of the most extraordinary cinematography I have seen in a very long time, made this FILM a MUST SEE FOR ME.   DeCaprio’s portrayal of Glass is sheer PERFECTION in every way ~ this is by far HIS BEST WORK yet ~ very deserving of his Golden Globe Nod for BEST ACTOR for depicting Glass, as I am sure that his ACADEMY AWARD Nomination for this role is right around the corner as well. Tom Hardy is outstanding too as his rival Fitzgerald, which brings to light just how powerful Inarritu must be with his Directing, as it seems he can bring out a BEST PERFORMANCE in all of the actors he works with ~ does anyone remember a little known film by the name of BIRDMAN, and it’s lead actor MICHAEL KEATON from last year’s award season ~ I must share too, that if you think the that this film is graphically violent in nature from watching the trailer ~ IT IS ~ so don’t say I didn’t warn you… but, there is also so much raw emotion and gripping storyline conveyed on screen by DeCaprio, the breathtakingly beautiful cinematography, and the amazing soundtrack of this film, that I had to name THE REVENANT as MY PICK for the #1 FILM OF 2015!!!

Kathy Kaiser


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