Writer and Director Quentin Tarantino is heading to the Ol’ West this time around…wrangling up a few bounty hunters, some military folk, and one nasty broad to take on old mother nature ~ and each other…this is THE HATEFUL EIGHT!!

Trying to stay ahead of a blizzard, and with only one stagecoach in sight, Major Marquis Warren (Samuel L. Jackson) is obliged to sweet talk the ol’ codger, Bounty Hunter John Ruth (Kurt Russell), who has secured this mode of transportation to keep himself, and his bounty, Daisy Domergue (Jennifer Jason Leigh) warm till they can get to Red Rock, so he can watch Daisy hang…

John Ruth decides to let the good Major join them in their travels ~ being old friends and all ~ when they run across another cowboy hoping to catch a ride into town, Sheriff Chris Mannix (Walton Goggins). With a blizzard on their tails, it looks like they’re gonna have to spend the night on the mountain at Minnie’s Haberdashery ~ which is already occupied by the likes of General Sandy Smithers (Bruce Dern), Oswaldo Mobray (Tim Roth), Mexican Bob (Demian Bishir), and Joe Gage (Michael Madsen).

When Major Warren starts asking around where the proprietors of this fine establishment might be, he is persuaded that they have traveled north to visit family, and that is that…

While John Ruth, Major Warren, Sheriff Mannix and Daisy all settle in, it seems everyone’s paranoia is about to set in too, as no one can be trusted, not even the stagehand…

When these Eight nasty souls start enquiring about one another, and their true reasons for being on this mountain, nothing good is going to come of these conversations…AT ALL…and now, the question remains…who will make it to RED ROCK alive, and who will never leave this cozy little “home away from home” again???

I give THE HATEFUL EIGHT a rating of: DON’T WASTE YOUR TIME OR MONEY…Okay… before you start questioning this unexpected rating…let me explain that I was all ready to jump on the TARANTINO Bandwagon with this film, so much so, that I made sure to see this film in 70 mm in it’s initial limited release, as I have absolutely loved a few of his previous MASTERPIECES ~ including INGLORIOUS BASTARDS and DJANGO UNCHAINED ~ and was anticipating the same with this film…but, sadly, THE HATEFUL EIGHT doesn’t hold a candle to those in any way, shape or form!! TARANTINO does give you your monies worth – all 187 minutes of it ~ and you even get to experience an INTERMISSION, and how long has it been since we have been privy to that length of a film…Plus, seeing KURT RUSSELL as the BOUNTY HUNTER/MOUNTAIN MAN did bring a big ol’smile to my face (I have loved him literally for DECADES), as did the SURPRISE STAR who STRIPS,  and I totally get why Jennifer Jason Leigh is up for a Golden Globe for her performance in this film ~ she dealt with some scenes that I would have never made it through ~ but, even with these positives, I couldn’t help but to find myself hoping this film would hurry up and BE OVER ALREADY!!!! Between the extreme length of this film ~ which was apparently for no other reason than to extend the excessive dialogue between these characters ~ WHICH JUST WENT ON, AND ON, AND ON…(I literally felt myself fighting a nap through the first half of this film) to the excessive BLOOD & GUTS that Tarantino must apparently have to include in ALL HIS FILMS, to the discrepancies that kept glaring me in the face within the filming of this film, I was just ready for this HATEFUL situation to be over…if you know what I mean!! Luckily the 2nd half of the film did move on quite a bit quicker, and, like in every Tarantino film, the beginning did pop up in the middle ~ OF COURSE IT DID ~ but I still couldn’t bring myself to give this film the accolades I so intended to be giving it, because THE HATEFUL EIGHT just isn’t a good film ~ and there is absolutely no way around that!!!

Kathy Kaiser

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