Writer and Director Peter Landesman brings to the big screen the REAL-LIFE story of Pathologist Dr. Bennett Omalu, as he discovers the severity of head trauma that begins to take down MANY A WARRIOR in the NFL ~ and his fight to disclose his findings…THIS IS CONCUSSION!

Making his life as a pathologist in Pittsburgh, Nigerian born Dr. Bennett Omalu (Will Smith) searches for answers as he conducts the most human autopsies possible, on those poor unfortunate souls that end up on his slab daily…

When “IRON MIKE” Webster ~ Legendary Center for the Pittsburgh Steelers dies at the young age of 50, he sadly too, has ended up in the morgue, awaiting Dr. Omalu’s gentle hands…

Ruled initially a heart attack, but diagnosed not the case by the good doctor, Dr. Omalu findings lead to Webster becoming the first case of diagnosed CTE (Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy) ~ repetitive head trauma leading to amnesia, dementia and depression…

As a few other great STEELERS arrive at the morgue due to suicide, Dr. Omalu finds that they too have the same type of brain injury as Webster. Faced with no other choice but to reach out to former team physician Dr. Julian Bales (Alec Baldwin), Omalu convinces him of his published findings regarding CTE, as he seeks Bales assistance in informing the NFL that “THEIR GAME” is what seems to be taking these athletes way before their time

When the NFL tries desperately to keep Dr. Omalu, and his scientific findings under wraps, it seems that not even SCIENCE can take on the MIGHTY CORPORATE NFL, or their new commissioner Roger Goodell (Luke Wilson)…

I give CONCUSSION a rating of MUST SEE ON THE BIG SCREEN ~ With it’s real-life storyline, and the superb acting of THE FRESH PRINCE HIMSELF ~ CONCUSSION is a definite MUST SEE for anyone over the age of 13! Smith has truly gone ABOVE AND BEYOND playing Dr. Bennett Omalu ~ as this is a side of Smith that he haven’t seen from him before ~ as you get lost in his eloquent Nigerian accent, his scientific research, and how he struggles to let the world know what he has found! Baldwin’s performance is better than average too, as this film brings to light the crushing results caused by CTE, and how hard the NFL fought to keep these findings from the public eye… And Kudos to Smith too on his GOLDEN GLOBE Nomination for this performance, as he is definitely worthy of this nod, as this is his best work since we got to see his emotional side in THE PURSUIT of HAPPYNESS!!!

Kathy Kaiser

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