Sisters ~ Rated R


“I miss those GLORY DAYS…” ~ “Clearly we had different experiences…”

Back for more hilarious comedic escapades, only this time playing their best pairing to date ~ AS SISTERS ~ Fey and Poehler are pulling out all the politically incorrect humor they can muster up in one two hour period…so get ready, THIS IS SISTERS!

 As we meet the ELLIS SISTERS, Maura (Amy Poehler) is the responsible and dotting younger sister, trying to make “everything right with the world”. Meanwhile, back in the trenches of life as a single mother, Kate Ellis (Tina Fey) is making her mark on the world as an Elite hair stylist ~ just kidding ~ as she is presently trying to locate her wayward daughter Haley (Madison Davinport).

When their parents Deanna (Dianne Wiest) and Bucky (James Brolin) decide its time to downsize, and move out of the home both sisters grew up in, it seems the only way to truly get past this tragic loss in their lives, is to have one heck of a BASHING GOOD TIME ~ as THE GOOD SISTER MAURA really needs to experience a party ALL HER OWN, as in the scheme of their lives prior, had never materialized…

I give SISTERS a rating of MUST SEE ON THE BIG SCREEN ~ I know you were thinking the same thing as I going in…who releases a film the same weekend as STAR WARS ~ but as their hilarious trailer explained prior to its release ~ YOU CAN SEE BOTH ~ AND YOU DEFINITELY HAVE TO!!! I was so pleasantly surprised by the amount of “off color humor” that flourished throughout this film, as it had me belly rolling with laughter throughout each and every frame ~ who knew?! . It was also a BIG PLUS experiencing the pair playing the opposite rolls of what we are accustomed to seeing them play, as it brought a whole new element of charm ~ which made them both SHINE THIS TIME AROUND! So go see STAR WARS tonight and catch SISTERS later this weekend, or at some point during the CHRISTMAS HOLIDAY SEASON at least, because it will bring some much needed HOLIDAY CHEER into your life…yes, it really is THAT GOOD and then some…

Kathy Kaiser

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