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 “How does one come to know the sea’s dark secrets?”

Oscar Winning Director Ron Howard joins forces again with his RUSH Star Chris Hemsworth, as they bring to the big screen a tale based on the 1820’s whaling excursion portrayed in Herman Melville’s: MOBY DICK, and in Nathanial Philbrick’s: IN THE HEART OF THE SEA: The Tragedy of the Whale ship Essex ~ so batten down the hatches boys and girls ~ This is~ IN THE HEART OF THE SEA!

Living life with his new wife, and a baby on the way too, Shipman Owen Chase (Chris Hemsworth), stills hears the call of the sea. Promised a Captain’s position after his last whaling trip, Chase signs on for another excursion, only to be advised he will once again be 1st mate on this voyage, as another captain has been chosen to lead the Essex, Captain George Pollard (Benjamin Walker).

Discontent, to say the least, with this arrangement, Chase and Pollard are at one another’s throats at every turn. As Chase knows from the start that he is a much more worthy seaman ~ he must push his emotions aside ~ and do what is best for the crew…

As the whaling vessel runs head on into a squall ~ at the direct order of Cpt. Pollard ~ both ship and crew are almost lost to the sea ~ but it seems that as the next day arrives, all is not lost, as the whales they have been searching for have finally arrived…

While the killing ensues to secure enough barrels of whale oil to return home, it seems that the LEGEND of the GREAT WHALE may not be a legend after all, as the Capt., his 1st mate and his crew find themselves fighting for survival against this incredibly HORRIFIC BEAST…

I give IN THE HEART OF THE SEA a rating of MUST SEE ON THE BIG SCREEN and in 3D: Howard has done it again, bringing this WHALE OF A STORY to life, creating yet another epic cinematic treasure that you MUST SEE TO BELIEVE. Hemsworth’s casting as 1st Mate Owen Chase is of course, PERFECT, as was the choice of Walker to play the “know-nothing” Capt. George Pollard. Even the choice of bringing on actor Cillian Murphy (INCEPTION, BATMAN BEGINS, THE DARK KNIGHT), playing crewman and Chase friend Matthew Joy, and seasoned actor Brendan Gleeson (BRAVEHEART, GANGS OF NEW YORK, TROY, EDGE OF TOMORROW) as Tom Nickerson, the narrator of this horrific tale, which he lived through as a young man ~ was also sheer perfection ~ bringing together one incredible cast suitable for portraying this epic tale. I must also share with you that the plot twist of Philbrick’s portrayal of this WHALE OF A TALE definitely enhances the way the story of this film unfolds. Kudos to both Howard and Hemsworth ~ as IN THE HEART OF THE SEA is another cinematic masterpiece~ that ALL THE WORLD should see…

Kathy Kaiser

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