DISNEY & PIXAR are back to entertain families throughout the holiday season ~ and this time we are traveling back to the era of DINOSAURS ~ and how awesome their lives are since they weren’t annihilated by that pesky meteor…so sit back and get ready to enjoy THE GOOD DINOSAUR…

Brontosauruses Momma (Frances McDormand) and Poppa (Jeffrey Wright) are waiting with anticipation for their 3 eggs to hatch ~ and HATCH they do ~ with Libby, Buck and a very small and fearful Arlo (Raymond Ochoa). As Libby and Buck take on the world along side Mamma and Poppa, Arlo is having trouble keeping up with everyone… as he seems to be afraid of EVERYTHING!!!

As time passes, Poppa tries numerous ways to make Arlo realize how truly GREAT IN STATURE he really is, but Arlo’s not buying it. When tragedy strikes ~ Arlo is left with only one option, and that is to leave home…\\

Flash forward to his encounter with a small man beast that Arlo affectionately names Spot, and his world of pain an despair seems to vanish almost immediately, as these two become fast friends…

When Arlo decides that he needs to return from whence he came…Tyrannosauruses Nash, (A.J. Buckley) Ramsey (Anna Pacquin) and Butch (Sam Elliott) try to help Arlo find his way back to the river, so he can hopefully find his way back home…with his little man beast in tow…

I give THE GOOD DINOSAUR a rating of WAIT AND CATCH THIS FILM ON DVD ~ okay – so I was amazed at the incredible animation that literally came to life throughout the entire 100 minutes of this film, and I am sure, that the kiddos in your life are going to want to flock to the theater this weekend to check it out…but, for me, even though much of this film is written and animated solely with the ADULTS IN MIND~ from the fermented fruit scene, to the horse trotting dinosaurs complete with epic cowboy music too boot…parents are going to find this one just as amusing, if not more, than the kids are J But, I still wasn’t totally enamored with this storyline, as it just waned in so many places. And I know that most Disney films see fit to deal with death and dying, but this film is so dark, so depressing, that I wanted to take the time out of my schedule to send John Lassater a bottle of “Happy Pills”, so that he could put a much happier vibe on his next project – as this film is a REAL DOWNER…I mean, even the end of this film doesn’t have that TOTALLY HAPPY VIBE that has found its way into each and every PIXAR animation masterpiece throughout the years. So, if you are looking for something to keep the kids happy over this holiday weekend, then by all means head out to the theater to catch THE GOOD DINOSAUR. But, I must also tell you before you head out that the little ladies in your life may not be ecstatic sitting through this film ~ As it is truly is made with the little fellas in your life in mind, which is fine, I just wanted to warn you about that little situation too ~ so, if everyone isn’t clamoring to go see it, then you’ll all be okay waiting for the DVD to be released so you can catch this sad little film in a few months from now…

Kathy Kaiser

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