“But this tales not about Presents, or Santa or Ponies…. it’s about three dudes, three bro’s, three ride or die homies…”

Writer and Director Jonathan Levine brings a NEW TYPE OF CHRISTMAS TALE to us this holiday season ~ proving that Friendship, Family and mountains of debauchery is all you really need to bring about the upmost in HOLIDAY CHEER…THIS IS THE NIGHT BEFORE!

When Ethan (Joseph Gordon-Levitt) tragically looses his parents, his buddies Isaac (Seth Rogen) and Chris (Anthony Mackie) step in to make sure that their Bud makes it through the holiday season. Jump forward 14 years ~ and Ethan is still looking forward to enjoying the holidays with “his family” even though Isaac is about to have a baby, and Chris has found fame as a professional football player.

The boys decide it’s time to move on from their yearly CHRISTMAS GET-TOGETHERS~ when low and behold what does Ethan come across, but three invites to the PARTY OF THE CENTURY they have been wanting to attend it seems like FOREVER ~ THE NOTORIOUS NUTCRACKER BALL!!!

And to make this season even brighter, it seems that Isaac has married the coolest chick EVER – as Betsy (Jillian Bell) provides the daddy-to-be one last PARTY PACK filled with all the drugs and weed a man could ask for ` IS THIS CHICK FOR REAL???

As the boys strike out to make this Christmas THE BEST ONE IN YEARS, it seems that they are about to come face-to-face with their greatest NIGHTMARES in life ~ and all through the assistance of their marijuana selling friend from years past – MR. GREEN (Michael Shannon)…

Can the boys come to terms with all that lies before them, or will all this CHRISTMAS CHEER fade as fast as Isaac’s buzz does, once the talking wise man comes near???

I give THE NIGHT BEFORE a rating of MUST SEE ON THE BIG SCREEN ~ Okay, so I have to admit that going in, I assumed that this film was going to be just another Male Bonding Blowout that I wanted to run from screaming ~ but, astoundingly, I was TOTALLY WRONG with this assumption you see!!! First off, you see, the Trailer doesn’t come close to giving everything away before you even see the film – YIPEE!!!. Next you will find so many tie ins along the way to STORIES of CHRISTMAS MOVIES PAST, that you can’t help but become excited with anticipation, to see exactly what happens next. And then, when you add in all the cameos that seem to enhance almost every frame, you will find yourself wondering…how did they all get in there??? Add in the truly endearing focus on the TRUE MEANING OF CHRISTMAS, and you will find yourself as amazed as I, at how incredible this film actually turns out to be. Now of course, I must be frank, as any good mama should do, there is lots of politically incorrect themes and lots of debauchery all along the way too. So heed my warning my friends, as I wouldn’t steer you wrong, make sure to venture out to see this one with the BIG KIDS, and leave the little kids at home. And as this newest Christmas film hits theaters, let me share with you too, Rogen is exactly who you think he is ~ and that’s okay too ~ cause’ the chemistry of these three wise men is so great, it’s as if, he were somebody new

Kathy Kaiser

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