“I’ve never seen anyone your size do as much damage as you do out there…”

From the Writer who has brought us such classic sports films as HOOSIERS (86), RUDY (93), and THE GAME OF THEIR LIVES (05) ~ Angelo Pizzo ~ comes the real-life drama of gridiron sensation Freddie Steinmark – based on the Jim Dent book “Courage Beyond the Game: The Freddie Steinmark Story” with Pizzo writing the screenplay, and sitting in the Directors chair this time too…so, are you ready for some FOOTBALL ~ This is MY ALL AMERICAN!

Bound and determined to leave his mark on the Football field in High School, Freddie Steinmark (Finn Wittrock) works his “you know what off” everyday, trying to make his dreams of playing in college come to life, while carrying the dreams his father Fred (Michael Reilly Burke) wants him to achieve too…

When the beautiful and incredibly smart Linda Wheeler (Sarah Bolger) takes a liking to Freddie ~ maybe he can take a few minutes away from his training ~ as a guy has to have some down time too you know…

Hoping and praying that all of his hard work will one day pay off ~ even though he is significantly smaller than all the other guys on the field, Freddie gets notice that his Coach has sent tapes of his playing abilities to none other than the Head Coach of the University of Texas ~ Darrell Royal (Aaron Eckhart). Now, all Freddie can do is pray that Royal sees something in him ~ anything ~ that will make him take notice and want him to be on his squad…

As it seems the stars are alineing for Freddie, as Royal has made “the call” – Linda has some great news too, as she too will be joining Freddie as a LONGHORN!

Making his way on the field, and showing to everyone that SIZE MEANS NOTHING, Freddie is on fire ~ helping the Longhorns achieve a winning season as they head into post season play…

Freddie has apparently acquired a knew injury along the way that just won’t heal ~ and of course stopping for a few games is totally out of the question – as he is finally living out his DREAM, it seems that Coach Royal may have to take matters into his own hands, to get Freddie checked out once and for all…as the pain is so excruciating he can barely take it one second longer…

I give MY ALL AMERICAN a rating of: THIS IS A MUST SEE ON THE BIG SCREEN ~ it is CLASSIC CINEMA at it’s FINEST!!! This film puts the ALL in ALL-AMERICAN!! Of course, I spent many a Sunday watching game, after game, after game of Football with my Dad growing up, so I am partial to the gridiron and all that it involves…and MY ALL AMERICAN does not disappoint! Wittrock is fantastic as Steinmark in every way – from his grueling workouts, to his final days – his performance is absolutely memorable and heart-breaking…and Eckhart’s performance is remarkable to watch too, playing the Coach that sees all of Freddie’s potential ~ allowing him to make the most of his life on the field ~ but stepping in when needed, as any GREAT COACH WOULD. You will laugh, you will cheer, and you will definitely shed a tear or two along the way, as this true story is masterfully written and crafted to touch your every emotion, with true intensity. Even the gentlemen sitting next to me at the advanced screening had a few tears runny down their cheeks, so be prepared boys ~ and don’t say I didn’t warn you ~ because MY ALL AMERICAN might just get the best of you too…

Kathy Kaiser

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