THe peanuts Movie

“Hey Gang, look…there’s a new kid moving in…”

Grab the son (Craig) and grandson (Bryan) of the legendary Charles Schulz ~ have them join forces with fellow writer Cornelius Uliano and animated motion picture master, Director Steve Marino ~ who has brought to the big screen epic animated films like ICE AGE – CONTINENTAL DIVIDE, and HORTON HEARS A WHO ~ and you manage to get one truly perfect animated film ~ even one that Charles himself would have been proud of…THIS IS THE PEANUTS MOVIE!!

 As we embark upon the lives of ALL THE PEANUTS GANG ~ Snoopy is alas writing a story ~ with the help of Woodstock of course ~ of his epic adventures against none other than THE RED BARON. While Snoopy is lost in his imagination, owner Charlie Brown seems to still be struggling with “those little things in life” he just can’t seem to master ~ kite flying, ice skating, or talking to the new girl who just moved in across the street…even though he thinks she is the most beautiful girl…LIKE EVER!!

Trying to make a good impression for the NEW GIRL, Charlie reaches out to his arch nemesis / psychiatric professional Lucy, to acquire some sage advice on how to improve his image ~ so that the beautiful redhead will finally notice him.

Caught in mastering the book that Lucy has shared – 10 ways to become a Winner – Charlie has tried his best to achieve greatness – as much as someone with no self esteem, no guidance and very few “true” friends can.

When it seems that Charlie Brown has done “the impossible” ~ getting a perfect score on his exam ~ Charlie’s world changes instantly ~ as both friends and foes are enamored by his intellect ~ as they try to figure out how they could have misjudged him for so many years…

But can Charlie handle all this newfound fame and attention, and continue to uphold the premise that he is A TOTALLY DIFFENT GUY than anyone ever thought he was…or will the REAL CHARLIE BROWN find his way back to us once again…?


From the trailer I viewed, I was concerned that this new PEANUTS film wasn’t going to do justice to those special animated characters who became an integral part of many of my childhood memories. And without the direction of Charles himself, how would 20th Century Fox manage to keep the essence of THE GANG in tact, as they try to appeal to a new generation of viewers at the same time? WELL, I AM SO HAPPY TO REPORT THAT THEY DID IT!!! It is quite apparent that bringing on Schulz’s son and grandson to bring Charles’s beloved characters back to life was a good thing ~ as it is as if you are just stepping back in time with everyone – from Charlie, to Snoopy, to Linus, Sally, Lucy, Peppermint Patty, Marcie, even Schroeder – there are all those familiar idiosyncrasies we love about each and every character back for another go-round. Kudos to everyone involved with this film, as it is not only enjoyable to view, but it made me giddy inside to see “my old friends” coming back to life with the same cute and adorable storylines that I loved so much growing up. But, they also had the foresight to add enough dimension to these characters and their storylines, that even the viewers that are used to seeing lots of CGI in everything they view, will be content and happy with what is appearing on screen. Plus, how long has it been since you could take the whole family to a film? Its been a while… but there are no worries with THE PEANUTS MOVIE, as its G rating makes it suitable for everyone in your family from 3 to 103 ~ making it the PERFECT FAMILY FILM to start off your holiday season with…so get ready to load up the kiddos and head out to a theater near you this weekend, as THE PEANUTS MOVIE is just the ticket for some incredible FAMILY FUN!!

Kathy Kaiser

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