Miss you already

“I didn’t have many pictures that Milly wasn’t in…she was always there.”

Director/Writer/Producer Catherine Hardwicke ~ you may remember her name on the big screen as director of a little known phenomena called TWILIGHT ~ well she is back in the Director’s chair bringing to life the friendship of 2 life-long friends ~ and their imperfections too ~ This is MISS YOU ALREADY…

Having shared all that life has dished out to them for quite some time, we find Jess (Drew Barrymore) finally finding the man of her dreams – as her and her new hubby Jago (Paddy Considine) work feverishly on starting a family of their own, while across town, Jess’s BFF and fellow groupie friend Milly (Toni Collette) is living the high life with her musician/producer husband Kit (Dominic Cooper) and their kids Scarlett (Honor Kneafsey) and Ben (Ryan Lennon Baker).

When it seems that all of Jess and Jago’s dreams are finally coming true ~ SHE’S PREGNANT…Jess decides to keep this information to herself, as Milly has just received the devastating news that she has BREAST CANCER…

Bound and determined to kick this disease, just like she does everything else in her life, Milly also must come to terms with the harsh realities that come along with this diagnosis, like loosing her breasts, and in her mind, her femininity…

Jess is there to support Milly all along the way, always putting Milly’s needs before her own…that is until Milly starts making terrible, irrational decisions that may not only destroy her marriage, but her and Jess’s friendship too…

I give MISS YOU ALREADY a rating of WAIT AND CATCH THIS ONE ON DVD: I hated to not give this film a better rating, as I love viewing films written and directed by woman ~ and having lived through the loss of a friend to this dreaded disease ~ I was hoping to connect to this films storyline and characters completely, but it just didn’t happen. I love Barrymore and her quirky, playful presence most of the time, but the chemistry between her and Collette’s characters just wasn’t playing out for me as LIFE LONG FRIENDS ~ I’m thinking that the original choices of Jennifer Aniston or Rachel Weisz to play Jess, may have translated to a better pairing with Collette’s style of acting. Catching a glimpse of the fabulous Jacqueline Bissett back on the big screen was a nice surprise, although her character as Milly’s mom didn’t give her much presence on screen, and I also felt that Milly’s choice of how to regain her sexuality after having her breasts removed may have been apropos for her character, but it seemed too contrived and cynical for my liking as it was playing out.   On the flip side though, there is some incredible cinematography throughout this film, and parts of Collette’s performance translates to some of her best work to date. Significant parts of this film I really enjoyed, but their were enough parts of this film that didn’t truly enamore me, so I just can’t tell you to head out the theater to see it, unless you are feeling compelled to do so…

Kathy Kaiser

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