From Director Danny Boyle comes a look inside the man ~ the LEGEND ~ and the entrepreneur extraordinaire and founder of APPLE ~ STEVE JOBS.

Relying on his team of software engineers to develop and present exactly HIS VISION to the world ~ we meet the genius, self-indulgent mastermind himself, Steve Jobs (Michael Fassbender).

With his ingenuity, entrepreneurial spirit and drive ~ or what I wager to call ~ extreme forcefulness ~ Jobs manages to make his professional life soar, but at the expense of his ex-girlfriend Chrisann Brennan (Katherine Waterston) and his unclaimed daughter Lisa (Makenzie Moss / Ripley Sobo / Perla Haney-Jardine).

The only constant in Steve’s life that he seems to enjoy ~ is the presence of his steadfast advisor & confidant Joanna Hoffman (Kate Winslet), being by his side every waking minute of the day…

As the prolific years of APPLE are becoming nothing but a distant memory, CEO John Skully (Jeff Daniels), and his board decide that drastic changes need to be made to get THE APPLE BRAND back on track…

And then there is the small issue of respect and/or admiration for the men who forged Steve’s dreams into REALITY from the beginning, as tragically these don’t seem to be a part of Jobs’ repertoire, as he can’t even muster up these attributes for his best friend, colleague and initial designer Steve Wozniak (Seth Rogen), no matter how much he begs…

Will THE WORLD ACCORDING TO JOBS be translated effectively and efficiently, and on his terms…or will Steve’s inability to deal with people be his ultimate undoing when it is all said and done?

I give STEVE JOBS a review of: WAIT AND CATCH THIS ONE ON NETFLIX. Having seen the 2013 version of Steve Jobs story, I was anxious to see if Fassbender was going to outshine Kutcher in this iconic role, knowing the previous work of these two actors. Even though Fassbender does give an edge to Jobs that Kutcher only scratched the surface of, in my mind, Kutcher’s film is WAY MORE ENJOYABLE TO VIEW IN SO MANY WAYS!!! If you have read the book, or if you haven’t lived under a rock, you have heard over the years that Jobs wasn’t exactly someone we would all rush out to work for. But, in his defense, many times with genius comes unpredictability and antisocial behavior, I’m just saying… and this was very apparent in this film. But, sadly, not much else was portrayed throughout it’s 122 minutes. I personally couldn’t bring myself to enjoy the constant barrage of NASTINESS that seemed to consume each and every moment of this film either – plus – they managed to leave out a significant amount of information on the other aspects of Steve Jobs life, which were exactly the elements that made 2013’s JOBS so much more enjoyable to view. The only shining moments for me were when Winslet was on screen, as at least her character brought some dimension to this film, in the midst of Fassbender’s constant tirades ~ THANK YOU GOD! ~ and Rogen’s short but sweet encounters did show us an emotional side that we usually don’t get from him ~ and this was great to experience too ~ but his small presence didn’t make for much impact either…leading me to suggest that if you want to experience the REAL VERSIONof STEVE JOB’s Life ~ not just him being an a-hole ~ then go pick up the DVD of JOBS with Kutcher and call it a day….

Kathy Kaiser


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