THE LAST WITCH HUNTERGoing into The Last Witch Hunter I had little hope the flick would be worth my time.  To my surprise Director Breck Eisner has brought us a fun, action and Special effects filled flick.  This flick is really close to the Season of the Witch that was released in 2011. Season of the witch failed because it had way too many special effects.

With The Last Witch Hunter it only succeeds because it is aware that it doesn’t really have a plot.  The cast you can tell had fun filming the film.  We start the flick where Kaulder (Vin Diesel) is searching for the Evil Witch Queen thousand of years ago.  The queen curses Kaulder to immortality.  Kaulder has been hunting witch since that time with the help of a holy man.  Father Dolan (Michael Cain) is the 36th man to know most all of Dolan’s secrets.

Kuala lost his wife and daughter from the Evil Witch Queen when in ancient times they got the plague.   What first looks like it was going to be a great flick, they switched it to from a fantasy film was switched to an action/humor .  The plot could be way better, and so could some of the fight scenes.  There are a few plot surprises and twists, but you will see them a mile away.

They don’t use Cain much if at all. They do use his successor Elijah Woods throughout the flick.  The only problem I have is with Woods is they don’t use him the right way.  He is in the flick but isn’t given many lines, he should just have been walking with a ring to drop.  Chloe (Rose Leslie) plays a witch who ends up helping Kaulder.

While I am a fan of fantasy, this flick doesn’t do enough to keep our interest.  It becomes old when you start figuring out some of the mystery.  I figured out one of the main twists the first time I saw one of the characters.  Not one of the actors blew me away, and really it isn’t a flick for them to do shin.  The movie is fun, but not fun enough.  I would have liked to have seen more of the evil queen witch, more fighting with swords, and less fighting the queens helper.

I grade The Last Witch Hunter a C-.  Nothing great here, if you are into Fantasy I would wait to get this one on VOD or Blu-ray and watch it from home.

Brad Watts

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