EVEREST – Rated PG-13

Everest Movie

Based on numerous books about this tragic 1996 Disaster a top THE BIG ONE ~ EVEREST takes us into the life of mountain guide Rob Hall (Jason Clarke), who has tamed the beast many times before, and who has decided to leave his pregnant wife Jan (Kiera Knightley) for another excursion, long before their new bundle of joy arrives. Readying his team, comprised of seasoned veterans like Guy Cotter (Sam Worthington) and novices too like Beck Weathers (Josh Brolin) to attack the summit, Hall finds that maybe the mountain is getting a bit more crowded than usual too…

Joined by two other teams of climbers, including professional guide and climber Scott Fischer (Jake Gyllenhaal), who has a large group of climbers in tow too, as apparently lots of people want to experience the thrill of paying $65,000 to meet with almost certain death….

Planned down to the time and hour they will ascend and descend from THE BEAST, our climber’s head for glory, one footstep at a time.

When a huge storm comes out of nowhere, it is up to Hall and Fischer to make sure that their climbers make it back to their base camp, and back home to their loved ones as well. When Hall decides to appease one his multi-time climbers with finally making it to the summit, he may have bit off more than he can chew, as this MOTHER OF A STORM rages on…meanwhile, even the climbers who started descending earlier are beginning to feel the storms effects, as they try desperately to beat the storm, but it seems, ol’ mother nature may just have a different idea entirely…


Well, you know going in what is about to take place, and that there is no way that someone isn’t going to perish right before your very eyes. But, with that said, EVEREST is A CINEMATIC MASTERPIECE of EPIC PROPORTIONS! And talk about a high profile cast – how many more actors could have signed on to get the you-know-what beat out of them day, after day, while shooting this film. And surprisingly, even with all these famous actors in one place, at one time, this movie has the depth and enormity to let each one shine in their own right. I must share too, in all fairness, there were a few storylines that I wish they would have finished, as we left way too many people behind that were tragically lost amongst all the breathtaking beauty, but, there is no way that I could suggest you catch this film on DVD, because if you really want the experience that is EVEREST – YOU HAVE TO SEE IT ON THE BIGGEST SCREEN THAT YOU CAN FIND!!!

Kathy Kaiser

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