CAPTIVE – Rated PG-13

Captive_(2015_film)_posterSeasoned Writer/Director and Producer Jerry Jameson takes on the storyline of his life ~ He’s 81 for gosh sakes ~ bringing to the BIG SCREEN the true-life intense drama depicting the 7-hour encounter between drug addicted Ashley Smith and her kidnapper ~ mass murderer Brian Nichols as he holds her CAPTIVE!!!

Determined to escape the Fulton County Courthouse at any cost ~ fugitive Brian Nichols (David Oyelowo) guns down four people in broad daylight, fleeing on foot, and determined to get the hell out of dodge… Over 30 miles away, Meth addict Ashley Smith (Kate Mara), is trying to come to terms with the loss of her husband, and the removal of her daughter by the state, all because she cannot overcome her addictions.

Settling in a new apartment in Duluth GA, Ashley is trying desperately to get her life BACK-ON-TRACK, so that she can regain custody of her daughter. Seeing what is transpiring on the news with a killer on the loose, Ashley feels sorry for the families of those killed, but doesn’t really give it much thought thereafter.

That is until a knock on the door brings her face-to-face with this madman, who is determined to stay with her, till the manhunt for him subsides. Stressed over how to handle this situation, Ashley finds herself pleading for her life, as she struggles to convince Brian not to kill her, and to let her go. When minutes turn into hours, Ashley decides that her best strategy is to treat Brian like she would any other guest, hoping to touch some sense of humanity inside him, any way she can…

I give CAPTIVE a rating of ~ THIS FILM IS A MUST SEE ON THE BIG SCREEN!!! I am always excited to see portrayals of real-life stories, and CAPTIVE does not disappoint. Oyelowo is absolute perfection playing Nichols, as this film will make you forget all about his little role of playing Dr. Martin Luther King in last year’s SELMA. He takes on this casting of someone far removed from the stature and presence of Dr. King, but still manages to enlighten us with his presence, conviction, and primal display of humanity throughout the entire film. Mara is just as astounding, playing the Meth addict, turned story teller, turned pancake maker, trying everything in her power to convince this killer to let her live ~ for the sake of her daughter ~ and for his own sake too!!!  CAPTIVE will move you in ways you don’t see coming, teaching us all to find our PURPOSE and MEANING in life, and to have the strength and courage to find it, before it’s too late…

Kathy Kaiser

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