Well, here we are, about to enjoy a DIFFERENT KIND OF TUNE, as we view the end of the summer, coming of age story by Max Joseph ~ in his directorial debut ~ and which just goes to prove, if you work hard, get the right opportunities, and look like ZAC EFRON…all your dreams can come true too with ~ WE ARE YOUR FRIENDS!!!

 Fast friends FOR LIFE~ and wanting to make their way in this world any way they can ~ DJ Master-Mixer Cole Carter (Zac Efron), along side his buddies Mason (Jonny Weston), Ollie (Shiloh Fernandez), and Squirrel (Alex Shaffer), are trying to live out their dreams,~ and make their mark on the world ~ anyway they can!

When a chance meeting brings Cole face-to-face with James (Wes Bentley), the hottest DJ IN THE WORLD ~ and maybe the drunkest ~he finds that James may just be the man to open the right doors to propel him to SUPER STARDOM, mentoring him into becoming the mix-master extraordinaire he is destined to be.

Lucky for Cole, it seems that mentoring isn’t the only positive James has brought into his life, as his super-hot girlfriend/assistant Sophie (Emily Ratajkowski) isn’t too hard on the eyes either…

As the boys try to make their fortunes ~ hoping to fulfill their dreams of leaving the valley for good ~ they seem to struggle with finding their way, as apparently none of them, except Cole, knows what path destiny wants them to follow…

I give WE ARE YOUR FRIENDS a rating of ~ WAIT FOR IT TO COME OUT ON DVD…Even though Zac Efron is way beyond his DISNEY DAYS – yes, he is totally HOT…and the premise behind the film isn’t totally off either – even though I didn’t know DJ Mixes were still ALL the RAGE – at times, this film seems to drag on…making me want to say…”get to the next scene already. We got the idea!” Maybe it’s because it’s Joseph’s directorial debut, maybe it’s because some of the writing was just subpar…and maybe, part of my displeasure with this film stems from the redundancy of the older guy/much younger girl storyline yet again. Yes, Ratajkowski is beautiful, and yes, she can act, and Bentley isn’t too hard on the eyes either…but this premise just makes me want to shout from the rooftops…THIS ONLY WORKS OUT IN THE MOVIES…because in real-life, you eventually become nothing more than a nurse / maid when these old guys become really old, and you will end up resenting them, because you are only in the Prime of your life! Okay, I’m off my soap box now… Bentley, Weston, Fernandez and Shaffer are all fun to watch too, as there characters and their lives seem to implode ~ scene after scene, and I am positive that many women will be headed to the theater this weekend to check out this film so they can view all the 12-packs in action ~ and that’s cool too ~I’m just saying that if you really want to get your monies worth from WE ARE YOUR FRIENDS ~ take it in with your girlfriends, and/or your guy friends…in the luxury of your very own home…

Kathy Kaiser



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