“Oh Walter look, these adorable little freaks are headed to Orlando too!”

Welcome to the world B.G. (Before Gru), as finally we learn the million-year history of our favorite little yellow, denim clad friends – THE MINIONS!

As we find our verbally challenged friends trying to not only secure, but keep an EVIL MASTER over millions of years ~ it seems that the only thing that makes these little guys truly happy is following a REAL CAD!

Left to fend for themselves without a master deep in the frozen tundra ~ KEVIN, STUART and BOB decide to embark on a journey of EPIC PROPORTIONS ~ destined to find their next VILLIANOUS MASTER!

Flash to 1968, and what better place to find the perfect VILLIAN to serve, than to hit up VILLIAN-CON in Orlando, Florida. Drawn to the first female VILLIAN Of ALL TIME – Scarlet Overkill (Voiced by Sandra Bullock), these little guys will do anything for the “woman in red”, even agreeing to acquire the Queen of England’s Crown for her, and her sidekick in crime, husband Herb (voiced by Jon Hamm). So off to England our little yellow friends head, in an attempt to make all of Scarlet’s dreams come true….

I give MINIONS a rating of WAIT AND CATCH THIS ONE ON DVD: Even though I truly loved the soundtrack of this film – from the Beatles, to the Stones, even a guitar solo of Van Halen’s “Eruption” by Stuart himself, and I absolutely adore Sandra Bullock and Jon Hamm (we share a birthday you know…) I just couldn’t get totally engrossed in this film. Yes, these little yellow guys are on their third film now, and their multi-lingual language is adorable, but a whole film of them trying to follow their “One true master” was missing some major hutzpah along the way for me. Maybe after so many months of promotion, I was expecting something MORE EPIC to reach out to me from the big screen. And the fact that it also includes many of my favorite actors as the voices ~ from Sand Bullock, to Michael Keaton, to Allison Janey, even Geoffrey Rush bringing their voices to this one, I found myself expecting so much more from this film, that just never materialized. I’m not saying don’t see it, as it has it’s funny parts~ some of the people around me were in stitches the whole time ~ and I did love the pre-qual storyline to get everyone on track for A.G. (After Gru), but, I personally just kept waiting for my own LAUGHER INSPIRED EXCITEMENT to start, and it just never happened for me…. so wait and catch this one on DVD ~ you’ll be a lot happier when its through…

Kathy Kaiser


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