As we fall into the midst of what we can only assume will be another politically incorrect trail of bedlam and debauchery around every turn~ we find Ted on his wedding day~ about to marry the love of his life, the blonde and beautiful Tammy Lynn (Jessica Barth).

And like all newly married couples, paradise doesn’t last for long. Ted’s life-long friend John (Mark Wahlberg) is finding life to be a struggle too, since his new divorce after only 4 years. So, what do life long friends do, but to make sure that at the end of the day…everyone is HAPPY…or at least extremely high, to take the pain away… J

When Ted decides to reconcile with Tammy, what better way to fix any marriage than to have~ a baby! Since Ted doesn’t exactly have all the parts needed to procreate, him and John set out to find a sperm donor with the perfect combination of looks and athleticism ~ you know, a guy who can throw the perfect spiral, even if the ball isn’t inflated all the way – hint, hint – …but find that acquiring it may be more than either of them bargained for.

With no sperm in site, Tammy Lynn and Ted decide that adopting may be their best option to start their new family. But, after these proceedings begin, it seems to have brought everyone on high alert, because in order to adopt, child must have two REAL PEOPLE for its parents…not one person and one TEDDY BEAR!!!

Sounds like Ted and Amy Lynn need to find the best lawyer they can to prove TED IS REALLY A PERSON~or, at least one that’s in their price range~ as they sign on to be represented by fresh new Lawyer-In-Training Samantha (Amanda Seyfried), who knows they can prove Ted’s ALIVE, and that he has the same civil rights as any of the rest of us…and she can prove it!!! Or can she???

I give TED 2 ~ 4 out of 5 Stars~ I know, you weren’t expecting that rating, actually neither was I, as TED was by far, not one of my FAVORITE FILMS Of 2012 – It was a guy flic on steroids as far as I was concerned, and the politically incorrect humor just got tiresome after a while. So imagine my complete amazement at the fact that MacFarlane had me in the first 5 minutes of the film ~ can you say 1940’s Epic Dance sequence ~yes that’s right, plus the entire storyline and still politically incorrect humor was literally side splitting throughout each and every frame of this film. I was astonished that MacFarlane actually made a film that I can say to everyone – IT’s A MUST SEE!! Never in my wildest dreams did I think I would be saying that phrase going in to see this film! Plus, the cameo appearances throughout are so “picture perfect” you find yourself hoping for JUST ONE MORE!!! MacFarlane leaves no stone unturned this time around either – as any subject matter that might be “fair game” in the past few years, is included in TED 2. There is even material that warranted a few BOOS from the crowd at the advanced screening this week, as a situation that was too close to home this past year even made it in…and that’s the only other hint about this incredibly entertaining film that you gonna get for me!!!

Kathy Kaiser  

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