Ever wonder what is going on in your head ~ you know ~ why do we have the feelings, reactions and personalities we do??? Well DISNEY and PIXAR had the creative foresight to put together Director and Writer Pete Docter (who brought us TOY STORY, MONSTERS. INC., WALL E & UP) and the equally talented Director and Storyboard Artist Ronaldo Del Carmen (who helped bring to life RATATOUILLE, BRAVE and MONSTER’s UNIVERSITY) and allowed them to conceive the “REAL STORY” of what happens in our brains with all of our emotions…so, get ready for the ride of your life, as we are about to be turned ~ INSIDE OUT!

When youngster and female hockey player Riley (Kaitlyn Dias) is forced to move with her Mom (Diane Lane) and her Dad (Kyle MacLachlan) from Minnesota –with its cold winters and endless fun around every corner to the CITY of SAN FRANCISCO ~ICK!! ~ Riley is not embracing this new warm climate; her not-exactly-new home or her new school AT ALL!!

Trying to navigate all these changes in her life is becoming more and more difficult – as Riley’s feelings seem to be all over the place. Of course, the emotion that controls most of her days is JOY (Amy Poehler) as JOY tries very hard to stay in the forefront of what is happening in Riley’s life, especially now. But along with JOY, also comes the emotions of SADNESS (Phyllis Smith), ANGER (Lewis Black), DISGUST (Mindy Kaling) and last, but not least, who would we all be without our emotion of FEAR (Bill Hader).

Riley is trying her best to make the most of her new life, but it seems SADNESS keeps messing with things inside her head. It’s JOY once again to the rescue, as she works to keep everything in order, but it seems Riley, and her emotions, are just reeling out of control. Well if JOY can’t get a handle on SADNESS, then why shouldn’t ANGER, DISGUST and FEAR get their day to shine too…as Riley’s emotions take over!! With all of these changes happening thanks to SADNESS, it seems that Riley’s love for hockey, school, and even her family, is diminishing faster than even JOY can control…so what’s a girl to do???

I GIVE INSIDE OUT 5 out of 5 stars: THIS FILM IS A DEFINITE MUST SEE for everyone in your family!!! Poehler, Smith, Kaling, Hader, and Black are absolutely flawless as the emotions that control every aspect of young Riley’s life. Throw in the added enjoyment of finding out what is happening in Mom and Dad’s head from time to time too – and you have one emotional JOY RIDE that your entire family will enjoy through and through! Come on, how can you you not love a film that brings to LIFE, literally, how our emotions control our lives each and every day. Plus, you don’t want to miss St. Louis native Phyllis Smith ~ you may remember her from playing Phyllis Lapin-Vance on the sitcom THE OFFICE ~ voicing the part of SADNESS, as she has one of those voices that makes her part in this film is sheer PERFECTION! DISNEY AND PIXAR have DONE IT YET AGAIN, bringing a wonderful storyline, with unforgettable characters to life on the big screen, and making a film that definitely tugs at the “youngster” in all of us!

Kathy Kaiser

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