FURIOUS 7 ~ Rated PG13 ~ May Contain Spoilers

Furious 7 Movie Poster

Do you love fast cars, sexy women and more action packed thrills and spills than any of the other FAST AND FURIOUS films since 2001? Then buckle up; because this joy ride 7th installment is going to get pretty intense, as we follow our guys (and girls) around the world, and back, because if you street fight, you do it AT HOME, with the franchises latest installment ~ FURIOUS 7!

When an unknown computer hacker shows up at Hobb’s (Dwayne Johnson) office, little does Hobbs know that computer hacking is the least of his worries, as this intruder is another Shaw, Deckard Shaw (Jason Statham), to be exact, and he is hell bent on REVENGE.

Meanwhile, Brian (Paul Walker) is settling into his domestic life with Mia (Jordana Brewster) and their little boy Jack, but apparently Shaw has plans for them and Dom (Vin Diesel) too.

Seems as if its time to RALLY THE TROOPS, to fight this menacing maniac, so Tej (Ludacris), Letty (Michelle Rodriquez) and Roman (Tyrese Gibson) are ready to roll across the globe. Lucky for them, some reinforcements have also arrived, being lead by Mr. Nobody (Kurt Russell), who has a proposition for Dom and his team ~ that they really can’t refuse ~ if they want to take out Shaw once and for all…

I give FURIOUS 7 a B+: Yes, you saw that right! I know you were thinking a film about fast cars, sexy women and a franchise that’s on it’s 7th installment was going to get a review that might slow down your enthusiasm about seeing it just a little, but this film is too exciting, too globe trotting, too intense to let me or anyone else bring it to a screeching halt with our review. Between all the hype for this film after the tragic real-life exit of Paul Walker, and even if you don’t love the premise behind these films, almost everyone will have to visit a theater to see how Walker’s character moves on, and let me tell you, tears were flowing all throughout the advanced screening, and I’m going to leave it at that. Statham plays the perfect BAD GUY, and Johnson, Diesel, Ludacris, Gibson, Walker and Rodriguez all brought their A~Game this time around too.  You literally can’t wait to see what happens next. And I cannot express how extremely excited I was to see Russell back up on the big screen playing the mastermind Mr. Nobody, as we may not see him often anymore, but when we do, he does not disappoint! Say what you want about a franchise 14 years in the making ~ seems pretty impressive in my book ~ and even though I haven’t seen all 7 of these films, of the last 5 I have seen, this one has THE BEST ACTION, THE BEST STORYLINE, THE BEST CGI I have seen in a film in a very long time ~ so keep pushing those superhero persona’s boys….cause I like it!!

Kathy Kaiser

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