Watch out ladies, because Sean Penn has been hitting the gym ~ and playing a Sniper that apparently has a conscious too ~ in his latest cinematic thriller ~ THE GUNMAN.

Playing his part in an elite assassination team in the Congo, Terrier (Sean Penn) has just been selected to take out the Minister of Mines, and in one shot, his life is changed forever. Forced to leave his life in Africa to save his own and the life of his one great love Annie (Jasmine Trinca), Terrier disappears into the night.

Luckily, Annie has the big broad shoulders of Terrier’s friend and fellow assassin team member Felix (Javier Bardem) to lean on in his absence.

As the years pass, Terrier takes on a more missionary role in the Congo, helping to serve the people, as his killing days are over. Well, that is until a team of hired killers decides his time on this earth is up! Trying to find out who is out to kill him, Terrier finds himself seeking out members of his old team to see who is behind this latest attempt on his life.

Will Terrier be able to find out who wants him dead before it’s too late? Is his good friend Felix out to kill him so he can finally have Annie all to himself? Or is there someone else from Terrier’s past that wants him dead?

I give the GUNMAN a B: Sean Penn is definitely back on his game, and I am not kidding ladies when I tell you that he is in the best shape of his life ~because he is. Whether it was for this role, or too impress his main squeeze Charlize Theron, doesn’t matter…he is taking his action prowess to a whole new level with this film. You will also enjoy the intense drama between Penn and Bardem for the heart of the beautiful and talented Jasmine Trinca ~ this love triangle keeps you on the edge of your seat ~ as Bardem’s jealousy of Terrier is palatable in each and ever frame of this film. So, if you enjoy action sequences intermingled with intense passion, mystery and intrigue too, then THE GUNMAN is the movie you definitely want to see at a theater near you!

Kathy Kaiser

One Comment

  1. Mary Ann

    I love Javier Bardem and Mark was wanting to go see this so win, win! There wasn’t much to choose from in the bistro theatre for tonight so this may be it.


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