Gone are the days of the light-hearted heroine we are used to seeing Lopez play. You remember, those girlie chic flicks that endeared us to her like The Wedding Planner, Maid in Manhattan, Jersey Girl and Monster-in-law. This time around, Lopez plays a more mature character as Claire Peterson, the beautiful English teacher trying to come to terms with her husband ‘s infidelity.

Attempting to do what’s best for their son Kevin (Ian Nelson), Claire allows her husband Garrett (John Corbett) to continue to visit, much to the dismay of Claire’s best friend Vicky (Kristin Chenoweth), who thinks she should leave the dog!

When Claire’s elderly neighbor’s nephew Noah (Ryan Guzman) moves in next door, he takes Kevin under his wing, and seems to enjoy being in the company of Kevin’s mom too.

Noah is a lover of poetry, just like Claire, as they both find they have lots of things in common, including feelings that they can’t quite contain. Trying to find restraint to Noah’s passes, Claire finds herself longing for a man’s touch, when she succumbs to the passion they both feel for one another.

Distraught over what has happened between them and knowing it can never happen again, Claire tells Noah that what transpired was a BIG MISTAKE – that can never happen again, as they both must move on with their lives.

Determined to convince Claire she is definitely THE ONE FOR HIM, Noah proceeds with more advances, only to be stopped in his tracks. When photographs of their tryst show up all over Claire’s classroom, Noah has gone too far!!!

Will Claire be able to stop this obsessed young man before she looses her job and her family? Will Noah’s obsession turn violent, as he is one person who is used to getting his way? Or will everything in Claire’s life come crashing in around her at the hands of the PSYCHOTIC BOY NEXT DOOR???

I give THE BOY NEXT DOOR a C-: It saddens me to say that the performances that Lopez gave in SELENA and OUT OF SIGHT are ancient history, as that actress was no-where to be found in this film. But, I must also say in her defense, she definitely looks incredible in her late 40’s – the GIRL’S STILL GOT IT!  So much so, that you don’t even get the creepy vibe when she is with Guzman – who is in real life 18 years her junior –  as they look almost the same age – which totally works for that short, yet arousing part of the film. Even though that few minutes of the film did keep my attention, I didn’t get the much needed creepy vibe from Guzman in his role outside the bedroom though, as his Abercrombie Model persona totally outweighs the creepy weirdo from next door energy needed for the plot of the rest of this film. Seeing Corbett and Chenoweth on the big screen again too was exciting, but they apparently weren’t given much good material to work with either. Needless to say, THE BOY NEXT DOOR seemed to be a mixed up menagerie of love story (kinda), psychological thriller (almost) and slasher movie (last 5 minutes of the film), which just didn’t really congeal at all for me, so I definitely CAN NOT send you to a theater near you to check this one out, as my conscience just won’t let me

Kathy Kaiser    

One thought on “THE BOY NEXT DOOR – Rated R

  1. I was so hoping this would be good because I love JLo, but good to know so I don’t waist my time. Maybe when it comes out on video I will watch on demand at home. And yes, she looks AMAZING!


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