TOP 5 – Rated R


CHRIS ROCK IS BACK WITH A VENGENCE – as he takes on the roles of Director, Writer and Lead Actor, and apparently manages to secure ever hip-hop artist, comedian & actor he knows to join him for the joyride that is – TOP 5

Gone from the world of stand-up comedian and thrust into the world of comedic actor, playing the infamous HAMMY the BEAR in a trilogy of B-movies, André (Chris Rock), is trying to get his personal life, and career, back on track.

Trying to focus on the media exposure for his next more serious role and film UPRIZE! and his impending nuptials to his reality-star fiancé’ (played by Gabrielle Union) being aired on BRAVO, Andre finds himself being interviewed by an entertainment reporter from the New York Times (played by Rosario Dawson), who is bound and determined to get Andre’s “REAL STORY”.

As Andre makes his way through the media junket he was trust into – with the entertainment reporter in tow – a day in the life of Andre’ is apparently a “MUST SEE” as well…From sitting down with movie critics about his new film (would have loved to been cast for this scene in the film!), to his face-to-face interview with Charlie Rose, to his sometimes awkward encounters with friends and family he hasn’t seen in quite a while – follow Andre for a day – and you get one heck of a good time!

Will Andre be able to change the course of his destiny? Will his constant questioning of “who are your TOP 5 HIP HOP Artists” give him any insight into the lives of those around him? And will he be able to find his way back to becoming Andre – the comedic legend, before it’s all said and done?

I give TOP 5 an B+: I have to admit, I love CHRIS ROCK, I always have, so I was really excited to see him take creative control of this film and ROCK IT OUT, as they say 😉 And the premise of the film that your life can be summed up by the TOP 5 MC’s you love in HIP-HOP is just sheer genius too – coming from a “white girl” in the Midwest – because I DO LOVE HIP-HOP, just ask my children!! This film is absolutely hilarious from the first frame to the last, and I get the feeling we are watching a possible biographical interpretation of portions of Rock’s own life too, as I’m sure he didn’t have to go too far from his own backyard to write some of the scenes in this film. And in typical CHRIS ROCK fashion too – how this film got an R-Rating is beyond me – as he takes you to the edge, and then shoves you off the cliff with it’s raunchiness and sexual exploits within – but it wouldn’t be HIS film – if we didn’t GO THERE!!! Kudos to Rock too, for securing so many incredible individuals to either produce, or appear in this film, as we are talking the ELITE OF HIP-HOP and the COMEDY SCENE are along for the ride! It is crazy how many people he secured to take on roles for him – but apparently when Chris calls – the only answer is YES – except for Dave Chapelle, but’s that’s a whole other story!! This film is definitely going to put Chris Rock BACK ON TOP in more ways than one – so head out to a theater near you this weekend to catch TOP 5 – then this film will be TOPS at the BOX OFFICE, and you can get your mind out of the gutter right about now!!

Kathy Kaiser

P.S. In case you were wondering who my TOP 5 are: LL COOL J



Nicki Minaj

Iggy Azalea


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