Theory of Everything Poster

James Marsh brings Jane Hawking’s book to life – as we view the compelling true story of Physicist Stephen William Hawking – through the eyes of the woman who took most of journey of his life with him – as his wife – in THE THEORY OF EVERYTHING.

As we meet the mild-mannered Hawking (played by Eddie Redmayne), he is studying theoretical physics at Cambridge, and trying very hard not to act upon the feelings he has for a beautiful young woman named Jane (played by Felicity Jones), who has definitely caught his eye.

Lost in his studies, he is intrigued to find that what his text books explain as theoretical fact, he is convinced, is not the case. He continues to push Jane, and his feelings for her aside for the time being – as his newfound theory of relativity is all he can think about – and focus on – although Jane wins over in the end, as they begin a love affair for the ages.

When Stephen is brought down by an apparent neurological disorder, known as Lou Gehrig’s disease, his plans are to go life alone, for as long as he has left.

Jane is determined to be his wife, and stand by him while he continues his theoretical studies, and fathers, amazingly, three beautiful children with her.

As his two-year diagnosis was apparently wrong, Stephen and Jane continue their lives, as best they can, with Stephen’s deteriorating condition. As their loves deteriorates right along with his body, they both find that their lives may be better suited a part from one another…. and in the arms of someone else….

I give THE THEORY OF EVERYTHING an A: This film is absolutely beautiful in every way – from the stunning cinematography, to the classic English LOVE STORY, to the extraordinary acting by both Redmayne and Jones, this film is a definite MUST SEE. 

Redmayne’s performance as the wheel-chair ridden Hawking is definitely Oscar worthy – it is phenomenal – and Jones’ portrayal as his loving and determined wife is worthy too, as they both bring extreme depth and conviction to their roles in this film. Marsh creates an explicitly flawless film that will capture your heart, yet stimulate your mind, as you journey into the life of Stephen Hawking – THE GENIUS, THE PHYSICIST, THE FAMILY MAN, and THE FREAK OF NATURE, as he is still alive and kicking to this day, some 40 years after his diagnosis at the age of 72. You too, may find yourself as blown away as I, that no one – not even Hawking – is PERFECT in every way…. as this film brings to light his human flaws as well, for all the world to see.

Kathy Kaiser