Director Lynn Shelton and Writer Andrea Seigel have teamed up to bring their coming of age saga to fruition with their new film LAGGIES.

As we meet Megan (Keira Knightley), her 20’s are flashing by as she contemplates her mundane life, in search of any purpose or understanding in the decisions she has made thus far, in both her personal and professional life.

For the time being, she works by standing on the street waving a marketing sign for her father’s business and is trying to spice up her present long-term relationship with her boyfriend since High School, Anthony (Mark Webber), sounds pretty exciting right?!

As her friends seem to be moving on with their own lives doing what most young adults do – get married, have a kid or two – you know The Usual, Megan finds that none of these situations seems to be the right move for her.

When she attends the wedding for her best friend Allison (Ellie Kemper), she is rocked to her core when she witnesses her father “making out” with someone who is definitely not her mother! Escaping from all this chaos as fast as her feet will carry her, Megan stops at a local grocer to grab the roses that she is suppose to place on Allison’s bed for her wedding night, when she comes across a brave youngster named Annika (Chloe Grace Moretz) who is in hopes that Megan will see fit to purchase them a few alcoholic beverages, as her and her friends are all underage. Feeling as if she should return the favor that someone did for her in her not too distant past, Megan appeases Annika’s request, and then, with nothing better to do at this moment in her screwed up life, she joins them all at the park they frequent , to just hang with her new friends for a few hours.

A few days come and go, and Megan still is no closer to finding herself, when she happens upon Annika again, who is in need of a little assistance.   Annika’s mother has flown the coup and Annika needs a Surrogate to fill in for a very untimely parent teacher conference. Megan does to her best to avert this potential disaster for Annika, as Megan reaches out to Annika immediately to return the favor, since she lied to her boyfriend about being at a professional conference, when in reality she is just trying to avoid anything that has to work, or people trying to advise her on what she should REALLY do with her life.

Like any teenager, Annika invites Megan to spend the night, as her father Craig (Sam Rockwell) isn’t usually around that much, since he is trying to find the next love of his life, or at least a part-time companion with the exodus of his wife. Craig seems to be rather disturbed by this new development, trying to figure out what Megan is really up to with her decision of hanging out with his teenage daughter…..

Will Megan ever truly find her way maybe once she removes herself from her boring and mundane life? Will living in Annika’s life give Megan the perspective she needs to move on both professionally and emotionally? Or will Megan come to realize that GROWING UP and facing the world as an adult does eventually make for an awesome future?

I give LAGGIES a C: I was very excited to see what Shelton and Seigel had created, as you don’t usually find two women taking on the task of movie making, and I was also anxious to see what Knightley had to bring to this picture, as I usually adore her roles. But, sad as it is for me to convey, everything about this film just came across average for me. Also sad for me to share is that the only highlight for me was Rockwell’s performance, as the women, including Kemper’s small role in this film, just kind of faded into oblivion. Sadly too, Moretz seems to be playing the same type of roles over and over, which I understand as an up-and-coming newbie in the biz, but I so feel there is so much more potential there than what we have been privy too thus far, I was hoping that this film might be her break-out of the mainstream role, but apparently, that just wasn’t in the cards either. LAGGIES just seemed to lag in excitement, lag in the romance department, Lag in any real substance, so an average review for LAGGIES is what it must be…

Kathy Kaiser

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