Jonathon and Christopher Nolan take us deep into the vast unknown of space – or at least deep into the vastness of their own imaginations – with a story that is both intense and cerebral beyond measure – with their latest film – INTERSTELLAR.

As we meet Cooper (Matthew McConaughey), his daughter Murphy (MacKenzie Foy/Jessica Chastain/Ellen Burstyn), his son Tom (Timothee Chalamet/Casey Affleck) and his father in-law Donald (John Lithgow), they are trying to make the most of their new lives as farmers, vastly different from the Space World that Copper was used to being in before his wife passed away.  Being farmers isn’t the only change for this family, as it seems that our planet is in self-destruct mode, and everyone is trying to live through our planets extreme climate change.  As the dust continues to fly on a daily basis, Murphy notices a strange apparition that has taken over her room….that she calls “the ghost”……but what exactly is it?

Convincing her father to help her explore the possibilities of what is inhabiting her room, Cooper and Murphy use the dust diagram that shows up on the floor of her room after the latest dust storm, to plot coordinates to a location – but to where?

When they happen upon the secure location where Dr. Brand (Michael Caine), his daughter Dr. Amelia Brand (Anne Hathaway) and other scientists are busy at work trying to save our universe, it seems that NASA must have told Coop one big ol fat lie when they retired his flight suit, as NASA is alive and well, and planning to make a trip into the vast unknown to find an alternate planet for us all to inhabit, as earth is on her last leg.

Torn between saving the lives of not only his family, but all the families on earth, and facing the distinct possibility of never returning at all from his trip into utter darkness to save all human-kind….Cooper must decide if it is better to STAY with Murphy and his son, or take the journey that seems to be tugging at him as HIS DESTINY…..

Will Cooper be able to find an alternate Universe for us to inhabit?  Will Murphy ever forgive him for leaving her alone for what seems like an eternity?  Will Dr. Brand’s theories of what is really out there in the WORM HOLE of our universe pan out? Or will everyone perish both here on earth and in the vast unknown?

I give INTERSTELLAR a B+: Christopher Nolan has done it again, bringing the vast universe to the big screen in a BIG WAY!  The cinematography is indescribable, the music is some of Hans Zimmer’s finest, and McConaughey may be on his way to yet another Oscar, as his performance was absolutely superb and some of his best work EVER!   I was also surprised to see the actor who plays the role of Dr. Mann in the film – Nope not giving away who it is; you will have to see the film – as it was totally unexpected.  The storyline itself was an intense roller-coaster of mind blowing possibilities all the way through, so kudos to the Nolan Brothers for keeping my mind racing almost the entire time – and my heart too – as this film engages you both mentally and physically – which is why I couldn’t give this film an A – I saw it in IMAX and was physically ill from the incredible cinematography and sound that bombarded me for over 169 minutes – yep it’s a long one too, so buckle in!  But, I am certain that when Oscar time rolls around, there will be plenty of nominations being thrust in the direction of this outer space phenomenon known as INTERSTELLAR.

Kathy Kaiser

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