The Hundred foot Journey

Steven Spielberg and Oprah Winfrey join forces, along with Director Lasse Hallström, to bring to life Richard C Morals incredible book about family, loss, love and passion for creating exquisite cuisine with their latest film – THE 100 FOOT JOURNEY!

When a fire destroys not only their restaurant, but robs their family of their mama (played by Juhi Chawla), the entire Kadam family is crushed, especially Hussan (Manish Dayal), who has been learning how to cook from his beloved mama for as long as he can remember.  They decide to move on from this place they have called home, since the pain and loss is too much to bear.  Their travels to a new town prove to be quite scary too, when they find themselves outside a beautiful little village in France, which Papa (Om Purl) decides this is the new place where their family is to settle down.

As luck would have it, there is a dilapidated old restaurant for sale in this village too, which Papa becomes fixated on as the perfect place for each of them to rebuild their lives.   Why is this restaurant available you ask?  Because 100 Feet away is an award winning French cuisine establishment, run by proprietress Madam Mallory (Helen Mirren), who is not amused at the thought of having another restaurant again –much less and Indian one – just  feet away from her front door.

Madam proceeds to do everything in her power to get rid of the “nuisances” across the street – going to great lengths to make sure they don’t succeed.  When Hussan’s gifts for cooking are brought to the attention of Madam by her sous chef Marguerite (Charlotte Le Bon) – who also happens to be smitten with Hussan – Madam must decide if she needs to regroup and become friends with her new neighbors or continue to be THE ENEMY…….

Will Papa and Madam Mallory be the worst of enemies, or come around to becoming the BEST OF FRIENDS?  Will Hussan and Marguerite ever be able to journey down the path of having a relationship, or will their chosen profession eliminate any chance of that happening?  And will Hussan’s talents ever be truly recognized for the incredible chef that he is?

I give THE 100 FOOT JOURNEY 4 out of 5 Stars:  Of course, I can’t think of one film that Helen Mirren has starred in over the years that I haven’t loved, and this film is no exception!  The storyline is very enjoyable, as Steven Knight did a superb job writing the screenplay from Morales original work. It will keep you mesmerized throughout with its incredible portrayal of our true passions in life – family and food – plus the ambiance of this film, along with the perfect casting of each and every role, makes THE 100 FOOT JOURNEY one of those films you will want to see again, and again, and again.  If you love movies that seem to touch every fiber in your being, then this film is a definite must see for you.  Or if you just enjoy films that give you a warm-hearted message, along with a million ways to make you want to hit the restaurant next door to the theater – then this film is just perfect for you too! So grab your significant other or a friend or two and head out to catch THE 100 FOOT JOURNEY – your eyes and your tummy will thank you when it’s through 😉

Kathy Kaiser

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