Director Nick Cassavetes, known for tearjerkers like 2004’s THE NOTEBOOK, and 2007’s MY SISTER’S KEEPER, decided to direct a comedy this time around with his latest film, THE OTHER WOMAN!

Content in the fact that she has finally found the perfect man named Mark King (Nikolaj Coster-Waldau), Carly (Cameron Diaz) decides it’s time to settle in to dating him exclusively, and even wants to introduce him to her father, it’s that serious!  When Mark has to return unexpectedly to his home in Connecticut, to fix some leaky pipes or something fictitious like that,  Carly’s father Frank (Don Johnson) suggests that she go and surprise him to make things all better.

Showing up as any girlfriend would do to surprise her man; Carly is startled by the fact that a woman answers the door of Mark’s home.  This woman – a.k.a.  Mark’s wife Kate (Leslie Mann), is less than amused at some strange woman showing up at her door in a provocative “plumber’s outfit”.  As Kate is not the dullest knife in the drawer, she decides to confront Carly, to see if Carly is “the other woman”.  As Carly has NO IDEA that Mark “the BIG JERK” is married, she feels compelled to try to console Kate as they figure out this big mess they are both a part of, thanks to the two-timing scoundrel they have been sleeping with.

What would any two-timing Jerk-wad do when neither of his ladies are partaking in his advances?  Well of course, pick up another hottie named Amber (Kate Upton), who is also clueless of her boyfriend’s extracurricular activities, as she thinks Mark is heartbroken since his wife left him for another man and he is getting a divorce, which is the line of BS he has sold to her……Can this guy be any bigger of a dough bag???

Will all three women seek ultimate revenge on this despicable excuse for a man?  Will they decide to turn on one another instead, as they try to deal with the betrayal they all feel?  And as they try to come to terms with what Mark has done TO ALL OF THEM, will they come to find that there are more mistresses out there???

I give THE OTHER WOMAN a B- :  You know the premise going in, and it’s not like this storyline hasn’t been brought to the screen before, but Diaz, Mann and Upton are HILARIOUS together throughout the film, as they manage to do almost everything that any woman who has been scorned hasn’t thought of doing to their 2-timing boyfriend.  Coster-Waldau is also the perfect “womanizer”, playing the charismatic gentleman who can sweep anyone of their feet, but being as empty hearted and self-absorbed as you can get.  And we can’t forget the beautifully blue eyed brother to Mann’s character, Phil (Taylor Kinney – of Chicago Fire fame) who’s sole purpose in this film is to remind the women watching it that “NOT ALL MEN ARE TOTAL ***Holes – and he does of a fine job of it too!  I haven’t laughed so hard in a really long time, so grab your girlfriends and make a night of it as you go see THE OTHER WOMAN – it’s one hilarious film that will make you either happy that you have a good guy at home waiting for you – or give you some awesome ideas of how to take care of your very own two-timing looser!!

Kathy Kaiser

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