SANCTUM – Short Film




SANCTUM – SHORT FILM – Written and Directed by Alvaro Aro

ARE YOU A PRISONER OF “THE MACHINE”?……..Biophysics Scientist Pete (Dennis Saldana) has worked for the government for years, as his work has been overlooked time, after time, after time.  When he decides to take his work home with him – as they say – he continues his work there, focusing on nothing else.  As the Dr. spends every waking moment in research, he begins to become obsessed with proving to himself, and the world, that his SANCTUM Experiment will actually work.

His wife Sarah (Rena Stephens) is trying to hold on to any small glimmer of hope that she can save her marriage, and her husband from his obsession.   When Sarah finally realizes the scope of her husband’s  “experiment”, and threatens to bring an end to this craziness once and for all, Pete decides the time has come to test his project and prove to Sarah all of his work – and time spent without her – wasn’t  for naught……

Will Pete find that all of his years of research have finally paid off?  Will the SANCTUM finally help him achieve everything he was hoping to achieve?  Or will this experiment lead him down a road he never envisioned?

I give SANCTUM  3 out of 5 stars – This short film by St. Louis local film creator Alvaro Aro keeps you on the edge of your seat, as you find yourself wondering, what exactly is the good Doctor up to?  And local actress Rena Stephens plays a very convincing concerned wife,  until she is manhandled,  and then all bets are off in whether or not she turns her husband into the Feds for his “creative experimenting”.  If I was Aro, I would be sending this locally produced short for viewing by the executives at NBC, CBS, and FOX – as it looks like the start of a fantastic new series for 2015’s Fall line up!

Kathy Kaiser