TAMMY – Rated R


TAMMY – Rated R – May contain spoilers

Melissa McCarthy is at it again – bringing her cosmic comedic talents to the BIG SCREEN – only this time around, McCarthy and her husband Ben Falcone take all creative licenses –  writing, starring in and Falcone even directing his wife with their new film – TAMMY!

As we meet Tammy (Melissa McCarthy), she is late for her job at a burger joint, having hit a deer with her vehicle on her way in.  Bruised and bloodied from her accident, she finally makes her way into work, only to be fired by her  a**hole manager Keith (Ben Falcone), for being late yet again.

Tammy heads home to soak her wounds, when her early arrival back at the homestead brings to light the apparent affair of her husband Greg (Nat Foxon) with their neighbor and Tammy’s friend Missi (Toni Collette).

Well, this day couldn’t quite possibly get any worse – or could it? – as Tammy heads home to see her mom Deb (Allison Janney), who of course is happy to see her, but not happy about the situation she has once again found herself in – no job, no money, a cheating husband…….shall I go on…..As luck would  have it, her grandmother Pearl ( Susan Sarandon) is living with her parents, and is desperate to get out of town too, so her and Tammy decide to head off to Niagara Falls, for some much needed R & R.

Tammy hasn’t spent much time with her grandmother since she was married, as she finds out some of the issues that are plaguing the ol’girl – heart problems, diabetes – but these are minor in comparison to her biggest issue – not having SEX for a LONG TIME!  As Grandma Pearl is scouting every restaurant and quick mart they can stop at to find that “someone special”, Tammy is still trying to come to terms with her own messed up life, and how in the world is she going to turn it around…..

Will Tammy and Greg divorce, or will she convince him that she is the one he wants?  Will Grandma Pearl find that “bad boy” she has been looking for when she comes across a man named Earl (Gary Cole) who has roaming eyes and hands to boot!  Or will all of Pearl’s ailments catch up with her before their trip is over?  And will Tammy ever be able to put her life back on track, and maybe meet a “nice guy” somewhere along the way?

I give Tammy a C – I truly love Melissa McCarthy, and make a point to see her films, because since BRIDEMAIDS, I have been hooked on her quirky comedic style.  I was also looking forward to seeing her act out a character that her and her hubby wrote, as I knew it would have to be the perfect role for her – I mean they had creative control – but sadly, it wasn’t.   I wanted to laugh more, I wanted to rally behind her more, I even wanted to accept Susan Sarandon playing her grandmother, but none of it really worked for me.  Don’t get me wrong, some scenes in the film bring a chuckle, like when Susan Sarandon and Gary Cole are making out in the car, as Tammy and her new friend Bobby (Mark Duplass) have to wait and watch, but none of the funny stuff went into the gut wrenching funny I think not only I, but the whole theater was hoping for.  You will laugh a little, you will enjoy maybe a twist or turn in the plot somewhere along the way, you may even enjoy the lesbian 4th of July celebration, but as a whole, it makes me sad to say, TAMMY played absolutely average for me – I want them to go back and rewrite it – and then bring it back so we can see the truly talented McCarthy at her finest on screen!

Kathy Kaiser   

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