Writers Joel Edgerton and David Michod take us deep into the barren land of Australia many years after the countries financial collapse, when everyone is struggling to survive, and it seems that it will be the survival of the fittest for many years to come.

As we meet the dirty, unshaven loner Eric (Guy Pearce), he is making his way through the desolate land, in search of what, we know not.  When three criminals decide to steal Eric’s one and only possession – his car – he decides to hunt these men down, literally, to retrieve it.  Eric is on the hunt for days, trying to find out from the locals if they have seen these men, when he comes across a young man named Rey (Robert Pattinson), who has been gravely injured and is desperately in need of a doctor.

When Eric realizes that Rey is the brother of one of the men he is after, he decides to take him to a local backwoods doctor named Dorothy Peeples (Susan Prior), who sews up Rey’s wounds  and tries to give the men refuge in her home, if only for a little while.

When Rey realizes that Eric is after his brother, and the men that are with him, he wants nothing to do with hunting them down.  That is until he finally grasps the fact that his brother left him for dead, and didn’t even have the decency to come back for him.  As Eric and Rey are on a killing spree and leaving no stone unturned in their search for Eric’s car, and the men who stole it, they are forming a very weird, dark friendship, based on killing everyone in their path, and their entirely warped views of what is important in life…..

Will Eric get his car back, or will there continue to be blood shed for days to come?  Will Rey decide that he will help Eric find his peace-of-you know what brother, who he agrees deserves to die?  Or will the other despirate souls they come in contact with decide that Eric and Rey are the one’s that need to die, as they are nothing but trouble?

I give THE ROVER a C:  I was very much looking forward to seeing Pearce again, as I loved him as Aldrich Killian in IRON MAN 3, and even though he is playing a bad guy again, per se, this time around he has totally lost his mind!  The dark, psychotic loner he portrays is reminiscent of nothing from that role, or any other role I have seen him play.  I was also looking forward to viewing Pattinson in a different type of role, which you could see he was going to play from the trailers I had viewed prior to viewing.  This character and role definitely broadened his acting range considerably from the passive love-struck vampire he played in the TWILIGHT SAGAS.  His role of Rey is absolutely NOTHING like what he has played in the past either- so if your teenagers are thinking they want to see this movie to get a glimpse of the Rob they know and LOVE….you might want to give them a heads up – this film is about as violent as it gets – and Rob is about as far from what they know as he can get too.   Suffice to say that even though I was intrigued by the roles that these two actors played, and you will be pleasantly surprised at the character that Pattinson can pull off in this film, THE ROVER was way too violent, way to dark, and way too much of a psychological roller-coaster for me to enjoy viewing, but if you like those things and this type of movie, than what else can I say but – GO FOR IT!

Kathy Kaiser