New on DVD – LAST VEGAS – Rated PG-13

Last Vegas Movie Poster

LAST VEGAS – Rated PG-13

Director John Turteltaub – who has directed and produced such heart-warming classics as THE KID and PHENOMENON, is taking a crack at directing some of the worlds most talented “slightly older” actors as they bring to life the writing of Dan Fogelman – who also wrote CRAZY STUPID LOVE – with their newest film LAST VEGAS.

Growing up as childhood pals in the late 50’s, Billy (Michael Douglas), Paddy (Robert DeNiro), Archie  (Morgan Freeman) and Sam (Kevin Kline) – have been friends and comrades for too many years to count.  As all of their lives have taken a turn for the worse – Archie has had a stroke and is under the watchful eye of his son, Sam is living in Florida with his wife and the rest of the “old folks” that inhabit the entire state, and Paddy has just lost the love of his life – his childhood sweetheart/wife Sophie.

While each of the guys tries to adjust to a life of “getting older” – the BAD BOY of the group, Billy, who is in his late 60’s – has just decided to marry his lover Lisa (Bre Blair) – who happens to be in her early 30’s.  Billy reaches out to the guys to let them know of his impending nuptials, when they all decide to get together for “One Last Hurrah” before Billy ties the knot with his “child bride” – in the most exciting place on earth LAS VEGAS.

As the fellas try to work through some issues that they have been harboring over the years, Billy and Paddy both meet a beautiful singer named Diana (Mary Steenburgen), who happens to catch both of their eyes.

Will the boys make it through a week of fun and excitement in Vegas – or will their old bodies cry I GIVE?   Or Will Billy and Paddy work through their differences and move on to the lives they used to enjoy?  Will Billy get married or will Billy and Paddy fight over who gets Diana? And most importantly, will Sam get to use the prophylactic device that his loving wife gave him to use while in Vegas to get his “spunk and zest for life” back?

I give LAST VEGAS a B – As I was expecting a totally corny film about guys trying to relive their youth, I was pleasantly surprised that the story line was plausible –  the actors were perfectly suited for their parts – and I laughed, and laughed, and laughed some more through the entire picture.  Of course, having cameos by 50 cent and LMFAO didn’t hurt in the enjoyment factor of the film either.

Suffice to say I give this film a big TWO THUMBS UP for a great time this weekend.  Regardless of your age, you will enjoy seeing these four seasoned actors have a blast in Vegas, and from what ended up on the screen – I think they had a great time making this movie too……..

Kathy Kaiser

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