US – Rated R – 1 hr. 56 mins 

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US – Rated R – 1 hr. 56 mins 


STARRING – Lupita Nyong’o, Winston Duke, Elisabeth Moss, Tim Heidecker, Shahadi Wright Joseph, and Evan Alex,

When a tragic event from childhood seems to just be lurking just under the surface for our heroine Adelaide (Lupita Nyong’o), here greatest fears are now realized, as she, and her entire family are fighting for their lives, against demons who appear to be each of their doppelgangers…

I give US a rating between MUST SEE ON THE BIG SCREEN and WAIT AND CATCH THIS FILM ON DVD.  Intriguing ~ but not remotely horrifying at all ~ Jordan Peele has created another thought provoking, and slightly scary creation with his new film.  But I have to tell you before we get too far along, it wasn’t near as good as his previously intense and super creepy film, 2017’s GET OUT.  Nyong’o is excellent throughout though, playing a high-strung and tortured soul.  Also, perfectly cast throughout this film are Duke, Joseph and Alex, as they play Adelaide’s close-knit family, being left with no other choice than to dig-in, and to  fight of their lives.   I also enjoy the way that Peele manages to write stories that could potentially transpire, given the right environment and circumstances, within our socially inept society.  He truly writes films that touch the soul of anyone paying attention to the world around us.  Plus, he manages to work his magic this time too, with images and aspects from our past, and turning them into disturbing conclusions that fit right into present day.  US definitely achieves a sense of abiding angst the whole way through, but totally lacks the horror factor that I was almost certain I would be experiencing.   And even though I wasn’t totally blown away by its premise, or the total dysfunction happening throughout, US did manage to keep my interest, which on the other hand, isn’t very easy to do.  But even with the positives I just expressed, I must also share too, that if you love scary movies, and think that this storyline and premise are going to be super scary to view, think again, as I HATE SCARY MOVIES, and I didn’t  jump once throughout this entire film.  Now, this for me,  became a reason I was glad I decided to bite the bullet and go see it.  But, for all you Horror Movie Lovers out there, you are going to be totally disappointed by its lack of scariness, and its mediocre intensity throughout, so don’t say I didn’t take this opportunity to warn you…

You are your own worst enemy. #WatchYourself and join the Untethering. #UsMovie hits Theaters March 22nd – Get your tickets on Fandango TODAY!

You are your own worst enemy. #WatchYourself and join the Untethering.

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US – In Theaters March 22

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After sending shockwaves across contemporary culture and setting a new standard for provocative, socially-conscious horror films with his directorial debut, Get Out, Academy Award®-winning visionary Jordan Peele returns with another original nightmare that he has written, directed and produced.

Set in present day along the iconic Northern California coastline, Us, from Monkeypaw Productions, stars Oscar® winner Lupita Nyong’o as Adelaide Wilson, a woman returning to her beachside childhood home with her husband, Gabe (Black Panther’s Winston Duke), and their two children (Shahadi Wright Joseph, Evan Alex) for an idyllic summer getaway.

Haunted by an unexplainable and unresolved trauma from her past and compounded by a string of eerie coincidences, Adelaide feels her paranoia elevate to high-alert as she grows increasingly certain that something bad is going to befall her family.

After spending a tense beach day with their friends, the Tylers (Emmy winner Elisabeth Moss, Tim Heidecker, Cali Sheldon, Noelle Sheldon), Adelaide and her family return to their vacation home to discover the silhouettes of four figures standing in their driveway. Us pits an ordinary American family against a terrifying and uncanny opponent: doppelgängers of themselves.

Writer and director Peele produces for his Monkeypaw Productions alongside Monkeypaw creative director Ian Cooper, in the company’s first solo production venture. Also producing are Sean McKittrick and Jason Blum. Us will be released by Universal Pictures.

Genre: Thriller

Cast: Lupita Nyong’o, Winston Duke, Elisabeth Moss, Tim Heidecker, Yahya Abdul-Mateen II, Anna Diop, Evan Alex, Shahadi Wright Joseph, Madison Curry, Cali Sheldon, Noelle Sheldon

Director: Jordan Peele

Writer: Jordan Peele

Producers: Jordan Peele, Ian Cooper, Sean McKittrick, Jason Blum

Executive Producers: Daniel Lupi, Bea Sequeira