FROZEN 2 – Rated PG – 1 hr. 43  mins. 


“It’s Hard to believe, but FROZEN 2 is better than the original, in sooooo many ways! “- Kathy Kaiser,


FROZEN 2– Rated PG – 1 hr. 43  mins. 

DIRECTORS:  Chris Buck, Jennifer Lee 

WRITERS: Jennifer Lee, Chris Buck, Marc Smith, Kristen Anderson-Lopez, Robert Lopez

STARRING THE VOICES OF:  Kristen Bell, Idina Menzel, Josh Gad, Jonathan Groff, Sterling K. Brown, Evan Rachel Wood and Jason Ritter

As we venture back to Arendelle to find out what Princess Elsa (Idina Menzel) and Princess Anna (Kristen Bell) have been doing for the last 6 years, it seems that our sisters are as happy as ever together, and lucky for us, Kristoff (Jonathan Groff), Sven and Olaf (Josh Gad), have been able to hang around the castle, and Arendelle this whole time too…

But now it seems, a strange voice from the mist is calling to Elsa…harkening her to a land that neither she, nor Anna know, but as they both vow to stick together, not matter what lies ahead, they both, along with their trusty sidekicks of course, will find themselves venturing into the great unknown…

I give FROZEN 2 a rating of MUST SEE ON THE BIG SCREEN!  Wow, it was quite a long wait to catch our favorite Princesses in action again, but oh was it soooo worth it!  Disney has managed to once again outdo themselves, as the storyline and music this time around, is even more incredible than in the original film!  And whether you loved FROZEN just as much as your kiddos did, or you were one of those parents that thought ” if I have to hear “Let it go…” or “Do you want to build a Snowman?” one more time, I’m going to lose it!”…I assure you that the songs from Frozen 2 won’t nearly annoy you as much, as they are truly magical and much needed for this incredible storyline, the whole way through.  Kudos too to Writers Jennifer Lee, Chris Buck, Marc Smith, Kristen Anderson-Lopez, Robert Lopez, as they managed to take Anna and Elsa on an adventure that’s even more exciting, than their first escapade into the wilderness!  Suffice to say too, that Idina Menzel and Kristen Bell are even better in their respective roles as well this time around, as they seem more confident as to who Elsa and Anna are, and who they are both destined to become!  So, buckle in for another Disney Magic excursion that is going to leave you wanting more, even though I’m not sure if this is the plan, or not, this time around.  And I think that this second Frozen is focused more on the older children this time around too, and why wouldn’t it be, as the children who fell in love with the original are all 6 years older, and more mature as they say, although its perfect for the younger ones too, in so many ways! Rest assured all the fun, all the emotional connection and of course, all the love you felt for the first film is about to return, and then some…so gather up all the youngsters in your household, and all the old farts too, as everyone in the family is going to want to check out Disney’s latest masterpiece ASAP, at a theater near you!

A BAD MOMS CHRISTMAS – Rated R – 1 hr. 44 mins.

A Bad Moms Christmas

A BAD MOMS CHRISTMAS – Rated R – 1 hr. 44 mins. 

Starring Mila Kunis, Kristen Bell, Kathryn Hahn, Christine Baranski, Cheryl Hines, Susan Sarandon, Peter Gallagher, Jay Hernandez and Justin Hartley 

Back from their smash BAD MOMS which hit the big screen just a year ago – we again get to experience the somewhat less-than-perfect lives of Amy (Mila Kunis), Kiki (Kristen Bell) and Carla (Kathryn Hahn), as the Holidays are upon us, and like for most of us moms…seeming once again to becoming way out of our control.

When all of our “favorite Moms” get the same exciting “Christmas Surprise”…Holidays with their own mothers by their sides…the stress of it all seems to be becoming more than these 3 can ultimately handle…

As Amy’s Mother Ruth (Christine Baranski) seems to want to control Christmas “as usual”, regardless what Amy’s wants and desires are…and Kiki’s Mom Sandy (Cheryl Hines) can’t wait to spend every waking minute with her only child…it seems that Carla’s Mom Isis (Susan Sarandon) has stopped by for the same reason she always does, every 3-5 years, YIPEE ~ making this Christmas especially awesome for all our MOM’s, and sadly, their families too!!!

Well, as our Bad Mom’s buckle in to try to win each of their respective Christmases back from these woman who have overtaken their lives ~ and their peace of mind ~ will the mother/daughter bond be what keeps this holiday season in tact…or will these ladies experience way to much togetherness… leading to nothing but heartache in the end???

I give A BAD MOM’S CHRISTMAS a rating of WAIT AND CATCH THIS FILM ON DVD OR NETFLIX: I must admit, I was right there with everyone of my girlfriends who LOVED, LOVED, LOVED the original…as surprisingly two dudes – Jon Lucas and Scott Moore – had managed to get the real life struggles, of real-life moms perfectly portrayed on the big screen the first time around. But, with that said, I think Lucas and Moore should have gone for a “less is more” approach with this really rather BAD holiday scene. Kunis is as fab as the first time, as the newly divorced Amy – and lucky for her, Jessie (Jay Hernandez) is still by her side. Bell is adorable too reprising her role as Kiki, trying to cut the apron strings all along the way….and Hahn is good too, reprising her role as the brash and most fun of the gang. So why the less than stellar review? I think that Lucas and Moore put way too much emphasis on the negatives of the mother/daughter relationship, which just translated to every scenario becoming way too messed-up and way too ridiculous. I also felt that Barnaski was totally miscast as Kunis’s mother, and even though Hines and Sarandon were better cast in their respective “Mother” roles, the whole movie just started to come across as BAD – and not in a good way…

I was so saddened by the fact that I wasn’t feeling this second installment, that I paid to see it not once, but twice, and still I couldn’t shake the sad feeling I had that even though I did laugh throughout periodically with some of the shenanigans happening on screen, the film as a whole just wasn’t nearly as enchanting as its predecessor you see…leaving me to suggest that if you enjoyed the original as much as I, then you’ve been warned that A BAD MOM’S CHRISTMAS has definitely fallen under the dreaded CURSE OF THE SEQUAL!!!

Kathy Kaiser

BAD MOMS – Rated R

image001 (1)

BAD MOMS – Rated R – 101 Min.

Starring Mila Kunis, Kristen Bell, Christina Applegate, Kathryn Hahn, Jada Pinkett-Smith and Annie Mumolo

From the writers who brought us such classic comedic films as THE HANGOVER SERIES (yes, they played a role in the development of ALL THREE), FOUR CHRISTMASES and THE CHANGE UPJon Lucas and Scott Moorecomes a hilarious film about what it really takes to be a mom in the 21st century – and how we all manage to judge not only ourselves, but every other mother around us as well…this is BAD MOMS!!

Lost in her world of trying to be the BEST MOM EVER – we meet working mom Amy (Mila Kunis) as she struggles through life trying to make her children’s and husband’s lives THE BEST THEY CAN BE!!!

When PTA President and all round busy body Gwedolyn (Christina Applegate) gets confronted by Amy, and in public no less, Gwendolyn is left with no alternative than to rally her troops – comprised of followers Stacy (Jada Pinkett-Smith) and Vicky (Annie Momulo) to take out this BAD MOM, before she affects the other mom’s who are unwillingly under Gwendolyn’s rule.

Liberated by the fact that she isn’t going to cower to this “all powerful ruler of the school” Amy acquires a few new friends and co-harts in her BAD MOM Brigade – Kiki (Kristen Bell) and Carla (Kathryn Hahn) – as they decide that being THE PERFECT MOM every day of their lives has become totally exhausting…and they just aren’t going to do it anymore…

I give BAD MOMS a rating of MUST SEE ON THE BIG SCREEN – Okay, let me be straight with you from the start – when I saw that two guys wrote and directed this movie about MOM’s – I was initially wondering “How lame is this really going to be”…but Lucas and Moore managed to write and direct a film that is not only HILARIOUS, but absolutely DEAD ON with the lives that we as mother’s live day after day. From the judgment of WORKING MOMS vs. STAY AT HOME MOMS, to the pressures of meeting all the expectations of “the other mothers” at our children’s schools, to the pressures we put on ourselves to create the perfect home, the perfect kids, the perfect perception for the outside world of how fabulous we are…there is absolutely some element of this film that ALL MOTHERS can totally relate to…and laugh along with too, as all of our lives play out on screen. And what flawless casting too – as Kunis, Hahn and Bell play out their roles impeccably as the “BAD MOMS”, and Applegate’s performance is sheer perfection too (even though I literally wanted to punch her in the face before she was through!!!) You will laugh hysterically, you might even shed a tear along the way, as this film is picture-perfect in telling the story of what we, as mother’s, put ourselves through each and every day. I also wanted to share that even though BAD MOMS is the perfect GIRLS NIGHT OUT FLICK for you and your entourage to enjoy ~ you don’t necessarily have to leave the guys at home ~ as the male critics who were with me to view the advanced screening, were laughing just as hard as I and my girlfriends were, throughout the whole entire film too. Suffice to say that BAD MOM’s is one film that everyone should catch this weekend at a theater near you and don’t forget to stay through the credits – as the ending is something you definitely don’t want to miss either!!!

Kathy Kaiser

Celebrate Mother’s Day with a chance to win a trip to a Hollywood movie premiere! Brought to you by BAD MOMS In theaters July 29th – #BadMomMoment

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Celebrate Mother’s Day with a chance to win a trip to a Hollywood movie premiere!

Brought to you by BAD MOMS In theaters July 29th

Celebrate Mother’s Day with a chance to win a trip to the world premiere of BAD MOMS by submitting your funniest #BadMomMoment.

Juggling a career, kids, and family is a 24/7 ‘round­the­clock’ job that can be overwhelming and underappreciated at times. And a lot of times, those moments end up making pretty hilarious stories. You know, accidentally packing tampons in your kid’s lunch. Reaching for diaper rash cream instead of toothpaste. Putting the left shoe on the right foot. Sometimes you just need a break.

So eff it. No one’s perfect so give up the guilt and be a “bad mom” for a minute. Do a little something for yourself: ditch the PTA and get an ETA on your next massage. Swap the Happy Meal with Happy Hour and down a shot or two. Skip the bedtime story and whip out 50 Shades of Grey. Share your funniest #BadMomMoment for a chance to win BIG.

Watch the exclusive launch of the BAD MOMS trailer starring Mila Kunis, Kristen Bell, Kathryn Hahn, Anie Mumolo, Jada Pinkett Smith, Christina Applegate!

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Starring Melissa McCarthy, Kristen Bell, Peter Dinklage and Kathy Bates

 Melissa McCarthy and Ben Falcone (her hubby), have joined forces again, and thrown caution to the wind ~ bringing us a film filled with money, mayhem and some serious cat fighting…this is THE BOSS!!

As we meet the past foster kid, turned ultra rich Michelle Darnell (Melissa McCarthy), she is passing on her words of wisdom to the masses, explaining how they too can take on the world, and achieve her lifestyle.

When fellow mega mogul Renault (Peter DInklage) devises a plan to send Michelle to the BIG HOUSE, her world comes crashes down around her, and she is in for a few months of R & R in a 10 x 10 cell…

Once out and ready to reclaim her fortune, Michelle is left with nothing but the clothes on her back and her drive to succeed.

Having no choice but to reach out to her past assistant Claire (Kristen Bell), Michelle finds that their friendship might not be as solidified as she thought.

While Claire tries to make enough to keep her, her daughter Rachel (Ella Anderson), and Michelle eating on a regular basis, the mogul gets a hair-brained idea ~ on forming her own pseudo girl scout troop, making thousands off of the best damn brownies you ever tasted…and teaching these youngsters “the rules of the road” in business, and in life, all along the way…

I give THE BOSS a rating of: Wait and catch this one on DVD or NETFLIX: I was so excited to see McCarthy back on the Big Screen, as I love and her comedic genius at work, but, sadly, THE BOSS wasn’t at all what I was hoping it would be. From the every once in a while comedic scene, to the over the top F-bomb for no apparent reason except to get the R-rating, to the in cohesive editing taking you abruptly from one storyline to another and abruptly back again, this film totally misses the mark. It pains me to give yet another bad review to a collaboration between McCarthy and her hubby Falcone, but, just like with TAMMY ~ we pushed to hard ~ for the laughs, for the mayhem, heck we even pushed too hard to work in her characters foul mouth around the kids…leaving me to say ~ If you love Melissa like I do, then you may want to go check it out at the theater, but if you are thinking this is a hilarious film that you just have to see, head my warning ~ It’s NOT! And if you are thinking with the storyline focusing around a girl scout troop that this might be a great night out with the kiddos – think again their too – as this is definitely not a film for the youngsters under 13 to view ~ so head the R-rating. From the concept of producing a film with lots of kids, but NOT FOR KIDS, to the backhanded humor and totally forced hijinks throughout, THE BOSS became one BIG MESS for me…no matter how hard I tried to convince myself otherwise. Maybe it’s time for Melissa to focus on bringing to life another writer’s characters, giving us the comedy we love from her, and love her for….

Kathy Kaiser