GOING IN STYLE – Rated PG-13 – 1hr 36 mins

Starring Alan Arkin, Michael Cain, Morgan Freeman, Ann-Margaret Joey King, Christopher Lloyd and Matt Dillon

Based on the story by the same name by Edward Cannon and screenplay writer Theodore Melfi (It was made into a 1979 film by the same name too), and brought to the big screen this time around by Director/Actor/Producer Zach Braff (LOVE HIM!) – we meet life long friends Joe (Michael Cain) Willie (Morgan Freeman), and Albert (Alan Arkin), all down on their luck when it comes to their finances, thanks to the restructuring of the company they retired from, and the awful bank they happen to use too!

When Joe is caught in the midst of a bank robbery while visiting his deceitful personal banker, it seems that this bank robbing stuff might not be as difficult as you might think J

Lost on how to save his home for himself, and his family, unless they take drastic measures, Joe convinces Willie and Albert to join him on the heist of a lifetime…and if they happen to steal more than the bank owes them combined…no worries…as “the extra” will be given to those other souls they know, who might just need a hand up too!!!

I give GOING IN STYLE a rating between WAIT AND CATCH THIS FILM ON DVD or NETFLIX! Even though I thoroughly enjoyed the camaraderie between these 3 exquisite seasoned, and academy award winning actors, and the few funny moments strewn throughout it as well, it just wasn’t as “extra special” as I was hoping for, when it was all said and done. The premise of this film is charming ~ as the storyline could play out in our everyday lives for sure, as companies merging seem to highjack pension plans, and bankers don’t really clarify what your interest rates will jump to a year or two from now. But, even with its amusing storyline, and its All-Star cast including Lloyd, Dillon and the “I haven’t aged a day” Ann-Margaret too, this film just played out as average ~ nothing more, nothing less ~ leading me to suggest that rather than plop down a load of cash at a theater near you this weekend to catch this warm and rather funny at moments film, you  wait and catch this one on DVD or NETFLIX, in the comfort of your own home…

Kathy Kaiser

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